He Got Aggressive, Emotional, Attacked Opposition, Thanked and Bowed to People…Narendra Modi’s New Avatar Will Send Tremors to Corrupts!

In a most aggressive and emotional speech Narendra Modi in Goa came down heavily of the corrupts. Modi today visited Goa for inauguration of various development projecst spoke about the recent crack down on black money hoarders and gave a fitting reply to all those people who are now crying for losing their black money.

Modi started his speech taking a direct dig at the opposition saying after 8th November the honest people went to sleep peacefully, while the corrupts and black money hoarders are going sleepless and running to pharmaceuticals for pills but are even unable to find it. He said that people who elected the government in 2014 demanded the crackdown of black money and he has kept he promise that he will not spare anyone involved in corruption.

He aggressively said, each and every decision he has taken are completely transparent and has kept nothing hidden from the people. The black money and the enormous amount hidden by politicians, belong to the Nation, belongs to the people of the country and hard working poor of this country.

During his speech, Modi got emotional several times and said “I left my house, family, my personal life and decided to work for Nation” “I have no intention to snatch power and enjoy life, my only intention is to make this country better”.

He said, If I commit a mistake, I am ready to face any punishment the country will give me, But I promise you to give a corruption free Nation.

Yes I know how much people are suffering, I have seen poverty and know the pain of the people. This decision was not to show arrogance of power but to punish the corrupts only.

Why should we put our youths and innocents future at stake?? Let those people who find it amusing to do politics are free to do so. But I will do what is right to the country since RAJNEETI is different from RASTRA-NEETI.

I had requested people on 8th November to bare the inconvenience which will be caused due to demonetization of old notes. He appreciated the huge support people gave him and thanked the 1.25 Billion people wholeheartedly for standing with the government.

He said “give me 50 days and I will solve all problems people are facing with black money, If I cannot solve then I will stand in front of you and you can punish me how you want”.

This problem is for 50 days, once the system is cleansed then not even a mosquito can fly. Today people who made money in 2G, Coal scam and various scam are standing in queue for just Rs 4000/-

Remember that politicians will come and go, parties come and go, but NATION will always remain and it is the responsibility of every citizen to protect our Nation.

No honest person will be harmed, their hard earned money will be safe and not one penny will be lost, so never believe the rumors and get panicked. Same time, I will not spare anyone corrupt and will do whatever it takes to catch corrupt people since independence. Even if I have to take one lakh people for the work , I will do it!

This is not the end, but the beginning. I know people will try to finish me, kill me and they will try all tactics to finish my carrier. I know the entire corrupt lobby will galvanize against me and target me but I will not stop the fight.

I need your support, I need 50 days, bear with him and I will promise to give you clean country.

His speech was  so aggressive and one could see the happiness and satisfaction of a person who has achieved the impossible in life.

His speech made the entire audiences to give a standing ovation and chanted that they will support him and stand with him always…come what may!!!

This Video will make Anyone Applaud his Commitment!

 Aishwarya S