If government doesn’t act now, check what will happen to India in another 10 years!

India is a land of cultural diversity. We see people with different religion, culture following different traditions which can be found no where in the world. This is what makes our country unique.

One would say that India’s biggest strength is ‘unity in diversity!’ But today looks like the diverse nature of few people in our country is posing threat to the rest. If one would see the recent developments, we can clearly say that India is not as safe as it was 30-40 years back. India never got involved in the world wars, it did not get into fight with other countries like US or Russia and was never in the radar of terrorists. Although India suffered huge under the hands of British and Mughals, after Independence we should have developed equally like America or Japan. But the leadership of India after independence was more focused in vote bank politics, religion, caste and money politics. They forgot about the development and instead set a new culture of appeasement politics which after 70 years has become the only agenda in politics.

This appeasement politics has not only lead to corruption, bribe, nepotism but also became the biggest threat for the country. Secular parties and especially Congress was the one which sowed the seeds of appeasement politics in India. This gave free hand to anti social elements of certain community and even terrorists who in the name of religion wanted to spread Jihad and convert the entire land into Islam.

The country which had never heard of terror attacks before, slowly started witnessing number of terror attacks which lead to the killing of thousands of people. But even when the government and law failed to punish these criminals and terrorists, they started growing more strong each day. Many organisations like Indian Mujahideen, SIMI, Lashkar E Taiba started to flourish in Indian soil and attracted our own people into their organization.

SIMI was one such organisation which was started by group of people in the name of Islam and Jihad. Their main intention was conversion and terror strikes to scare people. They conducted various terror strikes in India, gave support to Pakistan based terror groups. It was in the year 2001, the then Vajpayee government took a strong decision against the SIMI organisation and banned it based on their involvement in terror activities. After this, all their activities came to a sudden halt, recruitments were stooped and money flow became difficult.

But these people were quite intelligent, though their organisation was banned, their mission remained active. Their realised that they cannot attack India directly and hence decided to put up a secular face in front of the country. People associated with SIMI, IM slowly dispersed themselves into many states and started different organisations in the name of secularism, democracy, freedom and what not!

This was the trick to escape themselves from the RADAR of the Intelligence agencies. One such organisation started after SIMI ban was PFI (Popular Front of India), this was another face of SIMI which performed the same anti National activities. In a short span, this organisation was spread through out India, attracting Muslim youths. Their organisations have spread like cancer in every state in different names like National Development Front and Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) in Karnataka, Manitha Neethi Parasai in Tamil Nadu, Citizens Forum in Goa, Community Social and Education Society in Rajashthan, Nagarika Adikar and Suraksha Samithi in West Bengal, Lilong Social Forum in Manipur, Association of Social Justice in Andhra Pradesh.  Youths are brain washed to hate other religions, create violence, riots and taught about jihad. They are taught to go against other religions and especially against Hindus. According to report, over 80,000 people joined these organistaion in 5-6 years. They take advantage of the poverty, unemployment, social and financial problems of the Muslim youths and use them as baits for their anti National activities.

KFD which was initially started in Mysore and Coorg in Karnataka started to spread its branches to other places, as a result it started training youths in terror activities in Somarpete taluk in Coorg district. It was mainly responsible for creating violence in Mysore district which resulted in the death of BJP-RSS person Raju last year. They were also involved in the kidnapping and murder of 2 young boys in Hunsur. By then, the KFD came under the RADAR of police and was in the verge of getting banned. So the entire operation were temporarily stopped.

PFI is mainly involved in recruiting and training people for terror activities. Spreading hate messages through whats app, social media has been their main objective. These people get massive support from Human Rights Activists from India and abroad.

They launch big activities like School Chalo for Muslims, Fight against corruption, human rights, Yoga, Education for Employment, fight against injustice for women etc to attract youth and mislead people in the name of societal development. The previous UPA government had supported the Employment for Youth program to such extent that they provided huge financial support for these people without verifying facts and background.

With government support they started movement in Kanoor, Kerala, but when the police raided the houses, they were shocked to find huge amount of hand bombs, grenades, illegal weapons, letters from IM, LeT and other terror organisations. They found their involvement in various riots, supplying moneyy and weapons to different states for recruitment and terror activities.

It was on August 15th 2008, the PFI organised an event in few cities in south called “Freedom Parade,” this was mainly done with an intention to show off strength and spread the message of Anti Nationalism to oppose Independence Day celebrations. They held a rally in which their leader started making provocative speech supporting Azadi to JK, attacking Hindu culture and gave a call to take control of the state. They warned that Karnataka, Kerala will witness bad days if anyone tries to stop them.

It was just few months after this event, the most wanted terrorist Yasin Bhatkal was found to be staying in a place called ChembuGudde near Mangalore. When his house was raided, the police recovered bombs, ammunition, weapons and many targets planned for terror attacks in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

So this PFI and other so called social and democratic organisations which were started after the ban of SIMI are nothing but terror outfits floated for anti National activities. Every bit of detail about their activities are available to the police and Intelligence agencies, but have failed to take action against them due to involvement of political parties. The only agenda of these terror organisation is to convert people to Islam and turn the country into Islamic state.They are using illegal migrants like Rohingya, Bangladeshis to increase Muslim population and change the demography of the states and take control of the country.

Despite of such grave threat, the earlier Congress govt took no action against them. This is exactly why the Central government will have to form anti terror squads in every state and seriously take action against these people. If not, in another 10 years, they will turn places like Kerala, West Bengal, Kashmir into mini Pakistan and separate them from rest of India.

Credits: Santosh Thammayya, Hosa Digantha article dated 8th September 2017.

Aishwarya S