Govt Taking Help from Spiritual Leaders; Ashrams to harness Solar Energy

Government planning to rope Spiritual Gurus to promote its 40,000MW of rooftop solar power target

Sunshine Idea by Modi Government.

Another innovative idea to include masses for a better India, Modi government has come up with the idea of using “˜Ashrams to harness Solar Power”™. The Union new and renewable energy Ministry is reported to be taking help from spiritual leaders, in order to promote awareness and demonstrate the usefulness of the of green energy. And as reported, these gurus are suppose to act as partners of the International Solar Alliance and need to completely power their ashrams by solar energy.

The international Solar Alliance is the initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Paris climate Summit in December 2015 and the group consists of over 100 “˜sunshine countries”™ between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
Reasons to involve spiritual Gurus and ashram are:
They have large number of followers and have great influence on them. People will become more aware and understand the importance of renewable energy source.
Project requires large open spaces for the use of photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight.
A data bank of over 100 large Ashrams is being drawn up to seek cooperation and commitment towards the achievement of the project in return for a ‘commitment certificate’ that will recognize their contribution to the solar cause. Solar projects would help the ashram to reduce the use of other forms of energy and excess electricity can be sold to the grid.
According to new and renewable energy secretary Upendra Tripathi “If we can get commitment of even 1MW of solar capacity from each ashram, it will be a big leap of faith and encourage others. Solar projects will help ashrams reduce their power bill and they can also sell electricity to the grid”.

The launch of the ‘International Interfaith Solar Alliance’ during the World Culture Festival organised by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living in Delhi in March is a step in the same direction. The alliance pledged to cooperate among interfaith organisations globally and promote solar energy in their institutions as well as create awareness about renewable energy. According to government reports, the Radha Soami Dera in May became the largest single rooftop solar facility in the world. The facility is spread over 82 acres of land and provides an estimated power of about 19.5MW at the cost Rs 140 crore.

The government is on its way of achieving a very ambitious target of creating 175GW of renewable energy source which include 1,00,000 MW solar power energy by 2022 out of which 40,000 MW are suppose to achieve from the rooftop solar energy. This is being done as part of the plan to reduce the carbon footprint.

Bhavna Banodha