Grand political drama by Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas to save AAP after massive MCD debacle!

AAP after the debacle of Punjab and disaster in Goa was fighting for their space in MCD Elections. The biggest problem with AAP was that their Leader Arvind Kejriwal had blamed EVM Post Punjab debacle and openly defamed EC and EVM pre MCD Elections so that he can get some excuse for the supporters among which majority of them buy his excuses shamelessly all the time. AAP and Arvind Kejriwal both shattered like nine pins in MCD Elections.

This arises the biggest question – How Arvind Kejriwal and AAP will survive? Will they learn from their mistake ? Will they focus on development of Delhi? Will they become same force which they promised ?

All these question once again dumped into dustbin when AAP is scripting a new political drama. They think that they are S Rajamouli who can direct Mega Show like Bahubali. Kumar Vishwas who from past 2 months is sad because he was thrown out from Punjab Campaign is again in news as he is attacking Arvind Kejriwal for the failure. This is a political drama which they had prepared at residence of Arvind Kejriwal last night. Let me reveal the whole script and you will find it being executed one by one so that AAP get Success in keeping their core voters intact and at the same time penetrate into Nationalist Population by melodrama.

Step 1 : Kumar Vishwas will voice against Kejriwal and say He should not have spoken against Surgical Strike and Demonetisation which was good for Nation. He will ask Arvind Kejriwal to step down from Party Post.

Step 2 : Arvind Kejriwal will accept his fault and will put out one emotional drama again in the form of Video and will claim that He did a lot for Delhi but failed to feel Nation Sentiment. He might do one liner praise of PM Narendra Modi

Step 3 : He will resign from AAP Chief Post and many will say – No Kejriwal we want you as Chief.

Step 4: After doing Emotional Drama Kejriwal might give party command to Kumar Vishwas for a while or Keep with himself and Give Vishwas bigger role.

Step 5 : Kumar Vishwas will roar once again against Kashmir and Naxal issue penetrate into Nationalist mind with his melodrama of farting through poem and doing nothing on ground.

Step 6 : This will only be a last attempt to keep Party alive so that they can spread in Nation and Win some seats in Delhi LS 2019 and Delhi Assembly

It depends on people to either understand or flow again in emotion. Many people had wished in 2012 that AAP can fill the void of good opposition but AAP openly proved them wrong. Instead of doing Development work for Delhi they did melodrama all across Nation. Some Information is also coming that they might join hands with Congress against Narendra Modi.

People of Delhi and Nation must think on this.

Abhishek Kumar