The great Indian untold legacies!!! These stories will make you realise that India is truly incredible

It is time we stop blaming the media and make efforts to fill in the loopholes. It is time we stop complaining that the wrong people take away the limelight deserved by others. It is time, we take time to learn about the Indians who made unparalleled achievements and lived legendary lives; instead of the ones that keep us hooked to screens with glamour. Here are a few Indians who deserve every bit of attention we can give them.

1. The human calculator

Shakuntala Devi is the only person in the world who can perform calculations as large as multiplication of two 13 digit numbers. She has been termed as the human calculator for a reason, and she has no match in the entire world.

2. Switzerland Science day is after an Indian

The former President of India and the Father of India’s Missle Program, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam visited Switzerland. In respect of that great occasion, Switzerland observes May 26th as Science Day every year!

3. Just as much I need

India’s former President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad took only 50% of his salary back when he held office. The salary of the President during those times was Rs.10,000, out of which Dr. Prasad only took 50%. He said he would only take as much as he needed. Towards the end of his tenure, he took only 25% of his pay.

4. Reuniting the lost ones

‘Bhule Bhatke Tiwari’ is a random man who probably the most blessed soul on the planet. At the world’s largest gathering – Kumbh Mela, this man performs the duty of re-uniting lost children and people with their families. His ‘Khoya Paya Shivir’ camps have so far reunited a total of 20,000 children and nearly 10,00,000 adults with their lost families!

5. The real life Phunsuk Wangdu

Sonam Wangchuk, the man who is bringing about a revolution in Ladakh is a engineer turned educationist. This man runs a practical school for failed students, where he teaches them the art of life alongside technicalities of the field they’re interested in. Remember the character Phunsuk Wangdu from 3 Idiots? Yes, this man is his real-life version.

6. Champion of circumstances

Sunitha Krishnan was gangraped when she was 15. This bold woman not only overcame the trauma in an inspiring way, but has also championed the cause of rehabilitation of trafficked women in India. Against death threats and physical abuses, Sunitha Krishnan has so far rescued over 8000 women from trafficking!

7. Break the taboo.

It is a shocking revelation that even today, women in rural India consider menstruation a serious taboo and are not even aware of sanitary hygiene. This man named Arunachalam Muruganantham has set out on a mission to break this taboo, and manufacture sanitary napkins at an affordable price for rural women. He also runs awareness campaigns against the taboo in rural India.

8. Back to the society

In an era where not even a penny is spent without self benefit, this man named Kalyanasundaram donated his entire life earnings for the cause of education. A sum of 30 crores was donated by this man to orphanages and education of the poor in India!

9. Small packages, big surprises!

At 64 cm height, this 23 year old lady has the world record for being the world’s shortest person. She was awarded the recognition when she was 18 years old, and there has been no breaking of the record so far.

10. Play for the opponent? No thanks

Dhyan Chand, the legendary hockey player from India was asked to play for Germany, in exchange of a fortune and citizenship of Germany back in 1936. The prudent man, however, declined this offer and stood by the Indian team, setting grounds for establishment of hockey in India.

Ashwini Jain