Great Move!!! Government Bans 34 Companies of PoK From Trading with India

Pakistan is irredeemable. The Narendra Modi government understands this even though it gave Pakistan a few chances early in its tenure to get back on track. But Pakistan continued on its course of threatening India with nuclear weapons and abetting terrorism to bleed us. India has had enough now.

The government has taken a slew of steps – overt and covert, related to diplomacy, economy and military – to take Pakistan to task. The one area where there wasn’t much action was trade. But now that also has come under the radar of the government.

In a strong step, the government has blacklisted 34 companies based in PoK from trading on the twin cross-LoC routes of Uri-Muzaffarabad and Poonch-Rawalakote in Jammu and Kashmir.

“We received the list of 34 Muzaffarabad-based companies from the office of Director (Trade and Travel Authority), PoK, suggesting that they were involved in subversive activities. We were instructed that these companies should not be traded with hereafter. The same companies have been blacklisted,” said SDM, Uri, Sagar D. Doifode.

Along with these 34 companies, J&K authorities are preparing a list of about 8 companies suspected of being ‘involved in subversive activities’. These companies would too get barred from cross-LoC trade once the list is given to PoK authorities.

After the ban was imposed, authorities of J&K and PoK together carried out operations to weed out illegal activity on cross-LoC trade routes. This was done about two weeks after the police recovered 66.5 kg of heroin and brown sugar from a truck coming from PoK at Salamabad trade facilitation centre.

One of the primary motives behind doing this was that the trade routes were being utilised to smuggle into drugs and fake currency into India. It is also possible that they were used for pushing in weapons and other arms for local terrorists and even creating a cache of the same for terrorists who would infiltrate from Pakistan into India in the future.

Vinayak Jain