Great News! Western media endorsed Narendra Modi to lead World and the G7!

World order is not the same as it was a decade ago. The realignment is evident and with a change of regime in India and United States of America in 2014 and 2016 respectively, the speed of realignment is virtually looking faster. China since 1980s maintained the Growth rate of average 8% and turned the World Upside down as the Nation from third world is now leading the world in terms of economy. With a whopping 20 trillion USD Economy China is looking like a giant to West and Russia. 

Europe has already went from bad to worst as their social fabric and demographic both are changing very fast after the refugee orchestrated drama. With terrorism as their part and parcel now as claimed by London Mayer Sadik Khan once, European Nations is crumbling in Economy except Germany. With Great Britain exiting European Union, Germany is now a leader of the pack. 

So when we recap the whole dynamics, we have USA led by Donald Trump who recently got rebuked by German Chancelor Angela Merkel, China with a declining GDP growth, Russia with declining economy and India with a highest growing economy with a strong leadership. 

With Japan and Israel aligning with USA, USA was supposed to lead this world. But now Islamic Nations are also nodding their head in support when Narendra Modi had just landed on Germany to have bilateral talks. 

Foreign media tagging India Germany meet endorsed the view that “If Donald Trump is unfit to lead G7, Narendra Modi should be given opportunity to lead G7 and World.”

Figure : Taken from Web Portal 

The fascinating thing is that G7 is a group of 7 names which is named as Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America. India is still not even inn the list and so is China and Russia. 

The sudden endorsement of Narendra Modi to lead G7 is technically childish but practically shows the impact of Narendra Modi’s leadership. The second angle to visualize this is the world is facing the vacuum of leadership. Donald Trump is hated by many countries which were used to be called as Ally. Recent US-German spat over NATO brings leadership vacuum in forefront and this is when German media is endorsing the ray of hope. 

Narendra Modi who is pushing himself to be called as International Leader and he is rightly so as he already very popular among masses. Narendra Modi who already bagged MTCR membership to India and pushing hard for India to become member of Nuclear Supplier Group and obtain permanent membership of UNSC is surely ringing the bell on the dumb ears of West. 

India along with China are the only two nations who leads the world in terms of meeting climate change objective and sustainable growth agenda pledged at United Nation. 

India deserves to be in the leader group and thus German media endorsement might look like hypothetical right now but it’s the answer of Future. 

Abhishek Kumar