“The great Wall of India” that not many people know about!

Most of us know about the Great wall of China, but how many people know about the great wall of India? Most people would not even imagine that there exists a great wall of India!

This great wall has been overshadowed by the neighbour to the East. The place is mostly unknown to many people except for those in the surrounding. The great wall of India is named after the fort it surrounds. The fort is none other than Kumbalgarh in Rajasthan.

The forst when observed in photographs can be easily mistaken to be Great Wall of China. The work of the Kumalgarh began in the year 1443. The Maharana of Rajasthan, Rana Kumbha ordered the construction of this great wall primarily to protect his palace and Kingdom from invaders. The fort was built high on top of the hill, 1000 meters above sea level. The wall extends for 36 Kms and has 7 gateways, and each gateway is around 15 feet wide.

The wall was considered the biggest protection of the city. There exists over 360 temples behind these walls and it’s been protected from various invaders for centuries. The city houses temples of 3 main religions of India, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

It is said that during the construction of the wall, there were many hurdles that were faced by the King and for some reason or the other the Wall was not been able to be completed even after many years. Later the king had approached his spiritual advisor who had suggested him to offer a sacrifice. A man had volunteered himself for the sacrifice so that others could be happy.

The main gate of the fort stands on the place where his body fell and a temple has been constructed in the place where his severed head came to rest. It is said that numerous attempts were made to destroy this fort by many invaders, but not once they were able to destroy it. The fortress which stands behind the wall has never seen any destruction in 500 years. It was just once the fortress saw the crack only because the drinking water ran out within the walls.

Even today many of the defence mechanism in the fort are in working condition. Although most of the defence mechanisms have been disabled, the tourists are warned about them. A great monument today stands in the city of Kumbalgarh in Rajasthan, sadly since years no government gave the publicity it deserves.

Most of us don’t know that India also has a Great Wall and stands with pride in the city of Rajasthan.

Aishwarya S