Greek Embassy Thrashes “The Hindu” Newspaper For Publishing FAKE Story on Demonetization!

A journalist is one who reports with true facts and does not influence on others to make them to say what he or she is expecting. However, after demonetization, a large section of media wanted to show that Government of India’s move was a big failure and people were really cursing the government for the worst situation that has been brought in their life! However, when people replied affirmatively towards demonetization, they had to twist the story to appear that the people were not really happy with it. This didn’t stop at domestic level. Some journalists went on to get comments on demonetization from international level. Ms. Suhasini Haidar, the deputy resident editor and diplomatic affairs editor of The Hindu, and Arun S from The Hindu decided to get a statement from Greece’s alternate foreign minister Mr George Katrougalos of the ruling Syriza party on demonetization.

‘Demonetisation is a draconian move’, the title of the report said. The report quoted Mr  Katrougalos as saying, “Greece and the European Union implemented many measures to counter black money and the “grey economy,” but nothing so “draconian” or drastic as the Indian government’s demonetisation exercise”.

This was not well appreciated by some people who know the rules and protocols. Journalist Ms. Rupa Subramanya raised this issue on her twitter account saying, “Greek minister on official visit & criticizes domestic Indian policy. No other govt would put up with this”.

The alternate minister’s comments were criticised by many others too not because he called it ‘draconian’, but it was not fair for him to comment on domestic policies of another country.

In fact, the Syriza party, to which he belongs to, has Democratic socialism, Left-wing populism, Anti-capitalism and Alter-globalization as its principal ideologies. After it came to power promising an end to the stringent austerity measures it ended up heaping even more stringent ones instead on the people. Recently, it had imposed a weekly withdrawal cap of 420 Euros or roughly Rs 30,000 as part of the austerity measures, which is much less considering the higher cost of living in Greece.

On December 3rd, the truth was revealed. The Ambassador of the Greek Embassy in New Delhi, Mr. Panos Kalogeropoulos clarified about the Minister’s statement over demonetisation.

“With reference to excerpts of the Greek Alternate Foreign Minister’s interview to The Hindu (“‘Demonetization is a draconian move’,” Nov.26), the Embassy of Greece wishes to declare that some comments by the Alternate Minister concerning recent monetary measures by the Indian government have been presented out of context and thus led to an oversimplification of their meaning.

The Minister was referring to European practices and has explicitly stated that he does not want to make judgment on internal affairs of which he does not have in-depth knowledge.”

This means that the journalists were engaged in self fulfilling prophesy. When the Minister didn’t give a conclusive statement which they expected from him, considering his left- wing tilt, they wrote it on their own without considering that there are people who know the protocol and will definitely question such statements from a foreign minister. That means, media is no more a neutral observer. Rather, it is influencing people with its own ideologies through reports like this.

Now the question is, “should we trust what these biased media persons say!?”

The Hidhu Newspaper has tendered an apology for misreporting and spreading fake stories.

These shameless newspapers publish the FAKE stories in FRONT PAGES as HEADLINE and then tender apology in a MINI COLUMN. Should these people also apologize in the front page, probably then they will realize the seriousness of the issue.

Akshara Damle

You can reach the author on twitter @aksharadamle