GST: Vajpayee’s dream, fulfilled by Modi; But read how Congress shamelessly claims credit for it

Congress has not yet come out of the habit of claiming others achievement as its own. There is a big list of such shameless claims and now it has been once again in news for the same reason. The whole nation is confident that GST will make a big reform in the nation but the Congress is busy claiming that it was they who proposed GST first.

Rahul Gandhi may not know the full form of GST but his party wants the credit for it. When we go deep into this, we will know that it was former Prime Minister of India Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee who conceptualised it.

Even though many knew that the present taxation in India was not good, but no one initiated to make changes in the tax system. So at last it was Atal Bihari Vajpayee who came to India’s rescue. He had formulated a committee for it but everything was shattered when Congress came to power. As usual it started to drain India’s wealth. But Modi didn’t allow Atal Ji’s dream to get rusted. Even though Congress tried to delay the implementation, Modi smartly implemented it.

The GST was conceptualised for the first time in 1999 during a meeting between the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his economic advisory panel which included three former RBI governors IG Patel, Bimal Jalan and C Rangarajan.

Now Congress may ask that why did BJP oppose the GST implementation during the 10 years of UPA rule?

Exasperating farrago of distortions, misinterpretations and outright lies. Yes, in Shashi Taroor’s words, Congress twisted the facts and later the main stream media projected this lie as truth. It was not only the BJP ruled states but also the Congress ruled states had opposed the implementation of GST during the UPA tenure. It was purely because there was clarity on various laws.

The non-BJP states that had opposed GST were Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Congress govt of Maharashtra, Congress govt of Haryana and Congress led ruling UDF govt in Kerala. So what Congress has to say now? Congress didn’t posses any spine to take better decisions for national interests but Congress is the pioneer in breaking India’s integrity.

Gradually GST will help in increasing the taxpayer base in India which is presently only about 1 percent of India’s population. Along with this, it will help Indian traders to compete with global players.

Nishika Ram