Guess who!!! This nation received $78.3 billion of US aid and now it says it’ll make a ‘Graveyard of the American Army’

Betrayal and false bravado are two traits that perfectly define this nation. It isn’t hard to guess which country I’m talking about – it’s Pakistan. A rogue, military-ruled state where corruption and religious fanaticism thrives in every facet of life is how one could describe Pakistan.

Pakistan’s economy is terribly debt-ridden, its growth is slow, foreign investments in the country are negligible considering its population. Yet, it has spent massively on its armed forces and nuclear weapons in the last few decades – much more than its economy allowed it to.

The top aid of Pakistan has been the United States whichhas given it billions worth of aid – a staggering $78.3 billion between 1946 and 2016 –in funds and military equipment. However, relations between an overly considerate US and a back-stabbing Pakistan – as the US is finally beginning to realize – have deteriorated to such an extent since Donald Trump became the president that Pakistan’s Senate Chairman has made a shocking threat to the US.

Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani has warned the US of Vietnam and Cambodia-type situation in case America attempts any military action against terror groups on its land, most likely in the form of drone strikes. Here’s what he said, “Pakistani people have characteristics and customs like that of people in Vietnam and Cambodia.If Trump wants Pakistan to be a graveyard of the American army, we will welcome them”.

President Trump had recently spoken against Pakistan and its support to terror groups. This didn’t go down well at all with the Pakistani establishment. Rabbani also asked Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan to postpone his scheduled visit to the US as a ‘befitting response’ to the Trump administration.

Even though the consensus was that Trump was wrong in pointing fingers at Pakistan, there were calls for introspection into Islamabad’s policy of selective treatment of terror groups. Senator Farhatullah Babar said, “But at the same time, we must also revisit the policy of nurturing some militant groups to advance our security and foreign policy agendas in the region.”

Irrespective of whether Trump was right or wrong, the statement that Pakistan will become a graveyard of the American Army if it initiates any ‘misadventure’ is hilarious. Not even China or Russia speak this way. North Korea does and maybe it’s appropriate to compare North Korea to Pakistan…both are rogue nuclear states who live off the benevolence of China and a few other nations.

Vinayak Jain