Gujarat Dalit Attack and the Master Mind Behind It!

The master mind of many Anti National activities Mr. Ahmad Patel name is again being heard in the UNA Dalit attacks. Yes the same person who played a critical role in importing the terrorist ISHRAT JAHAN to India for the execution of the then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi, the person whose name has been scrutinized in the 26/11 Mumbai attack.
This person often called the master mind behind all political games, riots, murders and few terror attacks in a close aide of Sonia Gandhi. New investigations have revealed some shocking information on how the Dalit attack was planned to aggravate the issue of intolerance in the run up for Gujarat and UP elections.
The police investigations have revealed that the UNA sarpanch Mr Prafull Korat has played a key role in the incident and it was meticulously planned since several weeks. To ignite the issue, the sarpanch since several weeks started threatening the local Dalits asking them to vacate the houses and to stop skinning of cows. This had created fear in the minds of Dalits already. The sarpanch was in regular contact with the local congress leader and Ahmad Patel on a daily basis. The police have found more than 300 conversations between the congress leader and the sarpanch. The UNA district is also a strong hold of congress leader Arjun Modhwadia and Ahmad Patel himself.
So who are these people who attacked the Dalits?? They were not local boys but had come all the way from Daman in a vehicle which is 600 km from Gujarat. The investigations have also confirmed this report. Who would come from a place 600 km just to attack Dalits??
The video shot was from the mobile of the sarpanch, so did the sarpanch simply allow the incident to happen, why didn’t he inform the police? The first news channel to break the story was a Telugu based channel which had no links with Gujarat. So did the sarpanch send the video to the channel? This has raised many questions on the role of the congress which is desperately trying dirty tricks to get back to power. Why was the Dalit victim re-admitted to hospital just before Rahul Gandhi visited them?? Few doctors have revealed that they had to admit the victim under political pressure. Interestingly, Kunwar (victim) who was admitted to Junagadh hospital on 11th July for serious injuries suddenly left the hospital on July 12th, was the “SERIOUS” injuries cured over night?? Another victim Ramesh was spotted in the surgical ward on Wednesday when CM of Gujarat visited, but the hospital records say he was admitted on Thursday morning just before Rahul Gandhi”™s visit.
If the attack was planned by any Hindu group as said by the media then why was there a Muslim guy in the gang?? The investigations have now revealed that the arrested people were in no way involved in beating of the Dalits, but the entire scene was scripted by a gang to deliberately incite violence against the government.
These events have posed serious doubts on whether the entire incident was scripted, Only a prompt investigations will bring out the master mind behind this gruesome act!!!

Aishwarya S