Why Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls is a real loss to Congress and Kejriwal!

The Gujarat Rajya Sabha Polls has created history in terms of prestige battle for both Congress and BJP. The elections have sent a strong signal for the Congress party’s most influential person and Sonia Gandhi’s close aide Ahmad Patel making him literally run for his money.

Ahmad Patel who has been the second most influential person in Congress and who had significant influence on all political decisions of Congress, today had to fight a fierce battle for his own seat. With Modi-Shah’s chankya style of politics, Sonia Gandhi and Ahmad Patel were made to sweat out to retain their one Rajya Sabha seat from Gujarat.

What ever may be the results, this elections sent two strong messages to the Congress party. Firstly, the dynamics of the Indian political system has completely changed and the Gandhi name is no longer a selling brand. Be it Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi or who ever, the battle will no longer be easy for Congress and Sonia Gandhi is slowly losing control over Congress. Secondly, today elections commission’s decision to call the votes of 2 Congress MLAs invalid has sent a clear message that unlike Congress, the BJP and Narendra Modi has never misused the institutions for their benefit.

Just few months back during the UP elections, Assam, Goa and Manipur elections the Congress and Kejriwal’s party had made serious allegations against BJP and Election Commission saying the EVM’s were manipulated to favor BJP. The Congress, SP and BSP wanted Election Commission to declare the elections invalid just because BJP saw unprecedented victory.

Its become a habit for Congress and many opposition parties to blame BJP, Modi, EVM or the Election Commission when the situation doesn’t favour them. Its a routine habit that they misuse their power and position to confuse people, pressurize the institutions just to win their political battles by hook or crook.

Even today, until 11.30 PM the Congress kept blaming Election Commission and BJP of hijacking the institution. But suddenly their views changed the moment the Election Commission declared the 2 Congress MLAs votes void. These same Congress people started to praise Elections Commission and declared them saints since the decision was favouring them.

So this is exact situation which shows how Congress has been twisting facts to suit their narrative and malign independent institutions like Election Commission. If BJP had really controlled the EC, then they would not have given chance to declare the 2 Congress votes invalid. But until now, no Congress member who maligned EC has apologized for their indecent behavior.

So, the next time Congress should think twice before they make fake allegations against EC or Narendra Modi calling him anti democratic, dictator and respect the democratic institutions of the country. It is time Sonia Gandhi realized that India and Indian institutions are not here to serve her and her family members. Democracy and law is equal to all and she is in no way superior to any law.

Aishwarya S