People living in this isolated valley of the Himalayas have NO DEATH! Here are the mysteries of Gyanganj, the dwelling of immortals!!

Have you ever heard about the fantasies of the immortal world? Have you ever thought if there is any possibility of a human being immortal? Not by name, but living in his body throughout the end of time? What if we humans find such alternate ways to stay immortal? Are we strong enough to attain it ?

Well, I wonder how some legendary beliefs (probably the mysteries of this world) make us curious or to search for it. If you are of a spiritual person who wandered in the path of Himalayas, then you must have heard of “Gyanganj, Siddashram, or Shangri la or Shambala! An intriguing ancient belief which reveals the wonders of ancient India.

According to the legends, Gyanganj is believed to be an antediluvian Indian and Tibet tale of a city- kingdom of enigmatic eternal beings that remain concealed from the world. It is said that they exist deep in the Himalayas, however, have an influence over mankind in several clandestine ways. The entire world may go crazy if they found such a place where innumerable sage beings orchestrate the evolution of not human race but all the conscious beings.

It is said that Gyanganj is located in the isolated valley of the Himalayas where it is impossible to find a trace until and unless you have a karmic connection with it. This dwelling of immortals is not just a fantasy, but a holy realm that drafts the destiny of everyone. There are sages who have seen the identical clues of this Gyanganj says that it is not accessible for those who do not have any previous birth connections. they also say that this place is mentioned in Buddhism too.

A strange clue which is left in Buddhism!

Well, as per the Buddhism legends, Lord Buddha has attained the form of Kalachakra diety before his disappearance from this Loukik world aka Maye and preached his utmost teaching to a group of his disciples from south India. King Suchandra was also one of them, penned down every sermon of Lord Buddha and took them back to his kingdom Shambhala.

Tibetian Buddhism gives a hint that this place is hidden at an obscure place in Central Asia. The myths of Tibetian Buddhism says that “The 25th ruler of Shambhala will appear to rescue the blue planet into a better aeon when the entire world falls into a chasm of ravenousness and war.

What some facts from the Mythos say?!

According to the ancient Buddhist texts, only enlightened and accomplished yogis can reach it. The directions to find this place is incomprehensible and there is no mention to uncover it.

We are in the 21st century and the technologies are ruling human race. We can find any place or any information at one touch. but, this place is cannot be discovered by any modern satellites and mapping devices. I know it is hard to believe this kind of wonders if we did not find it on google. But, the science says that there are some places exists which is artfully camouflaged in an entirely different surface of genuineness which is impossible to find using scientific techniques. 

Believers say that Gyanganj have it’s own peculiar and autonomous outlooks in human wisdom and it does not belong to any east, west or any other philosophies of this world. 

One of the most interesting fact of Gyanganj, which is also irrelevant to this world scientific world is, “There is NO DEATH”. The consciousness always remains alive there!

Some Hindu Vedic scriptures have mentioned about Gyanganj!

Yes! Siddhashram or Gyanganj is a boon, bestowed upon mankind, from our ancestors, saints, sages and yogis of the high order. a synonym for a paradise on the earth and finds its mention in Rigveda, the oldest scriptures of human civilization. A saint, revealing his expression in Rigvedic hymn says, “Sometime or the other, when the most auspicious moment of my life arrives, I will certainly be able to enter Siddashram and to perform the sadhana practices of the high order by sitting on its sacred ground.”

No only in Rigveda, but also Samveda, Maharshi Yogandhrawa says, “Where the soil is worth applying on the forehead just like a sandalwood paste, where each and every particle is replete with penance and the wind is pious and melodious, the same abode of the blessed is the final destination of a human being where just by sitting, the real bliss of the life can be attained.”

Maharshi Pulastya says that it is the dream of life whereas Kanada says that only one or two among a thousand saints are fortunate enough to go to the privilege of entering into Siddhashram.

Maharshi Valmiki called it as the fortune a man and Vishwamitra termed it as the real beauty of life. According to Maharishi Chyavan, “there is a natural characteristic in the soil of Siddhashram to eliminate spontaneously the ailments of the body.”

Bhishma, lying on the bed of arrows said to Lord Krishna that he wants to go Suddhashram with his mortal body! After the end of Mahabharata war, Yudhishthira requests Lord Krishna, “In some of the virtues of my life are left and if you bestow your grace upon me, I wish to spend some part of my life in Siddhashram.” 

Gorakhnath has once said to his disciples that, “The ultimate of Tantra and Sadhnas is the entrance into Siddhashram”.

Bhagvatpada Shankaracharya has said that “The fulfilment of human life can only be attained when one goes into Siddhashram and takes a holy dip in Siddhyoga lake.”

It is also believed that “even today, the great seers like Maharshi Vashishta, Vsishwamitra, Kanada, Pulastya, Atri, Bheeshma, Kripacharya, Gorakhnath and Shankaracharya and many more great saints of Hindu Puranas can be seen wandering there in physical form and also, one can have the privilege of listening to their sermons.”

Apart from this, there is a novel named “‘Lost Horizon, about the lost kingdom of Shangri-La’, the novel of a decorated author James Hilton, based on the concept of Gyanganj” uncovers the mysterious facts.

Source: Nikhil mantra Vigyan, Buddhist Scriptures and Hindu Puranas and Quora

Sushmitha Saptharshi