Who Hacked Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Account and Why They Will Never be Caught?!

Yesterday the Congress got transformed from sleeping mode to active mode after Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account got hacked. Many people thought his account was really hacked by an outsider.

But the real truth is none of the outsider hacked Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account but it was their own people who have done it for two reasons:

  1. Congress wanted to sabotage the Digital Transactions and Cashless society Call given by Modi just 3-4 days using this hack reason.
  2. There has been a major rift created between Rahul Gandhi and his sister. Priyanka Gandhi apparently wanted to use incident to gain sympathy and same time convey a message to Rahul that he is NOT THE BOSS!!!

This may be surprising to here, but politics is not just what we see on Television or news channels.

Let’s consider the first reason….Digital India is something which will change the dynamics of Indian economy in terms of reducing corruption by increased banking  and electronic transactions. It will curb the middle man in almost every sector which is the main reason for unusual escalation of prices in the market. The real estate which runs of 90% black money will be hit badly, most of these real estate owners happen to be linked to politicians which is why they never want people to use electronic transactions.

The way in which the Congress people started tweeting yesterday after Rahul Gandhi’s account was said to be hacked, clearly showed that they were not worried about his account,  but the target was digitization. Every leader used same words, same story to attack digitization and banking system comparing the security of twitter and facebook with online Banking system.

Interestingly Digvijay Singh had tweeted about accounts Hack just 15 hours before Rahul’s account was hacked. How was he so sure???

No member of the congress party have spoken a word about HACKER or blamed the Twitter which is responsible for security of all accounts. But instead directly jumps to attack Digital platforms.

Their tweets are like parrot words….tweeted word to word as instructed!

All are stuck behind ONE WORD >>> ONLINE BANKING, including the Congress media pet!

Let’s come to interesting second part…..Now the basic question is who hacked Rahul’s account??

Read what cyber expert said about Rahul Gandhi’s account hack.

It has been told that Rahul and Priyanka had heated discussion just 2 days back regarding the next heir of the Congress President throne. Rahul Gandhi is said to have been treating his party workers very rude lately and many of them were disappointed about his behavior and his incapability to handle crisis.

Following this, many close aides of Rahul Gandhi now wanted to shift their loyalties to Priyanka Gandhi and thought that she was better than Pappu. This provoked many loyal Rahul followers and wanted to show their strength. But what happened was completely opposite….Priyanka Gandhi is said to have told Pappu that he should “Either Fall in Line or Fall Apart”.

It is also said that Rahul Gandhi was even warned that “in next one year…He Should quietly get out of the party”  and exactly why they got his twitter accounted hacked and used it for 2 reasons!!!

The congress which is desperate is trying all tricks to gain sympathy and remain in the lime light of media.

All political parties play games and malign others to win elections but the worst part is, Congress doesn’t mind to destroy the country and its progress in every way. They are literally saying people not to adapt technology and stick to black money market. They would stoop to any low to occupy power!!!

So do you expect this person who hacked Rahul’s twitter account to be CAUGHT??? NEVER!

Already the Delhi police have issue statement and Congress PETS in media ave already giving justification and hint that the HACKER WILL NEVER BE CAUGHT!!!


Aishwarya S


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