Hammer blow on corrupts as Switzerland sends notices to 11 Indians in a day

Indians are of the belief that if PM Modi can’t get the billions of black money stacked up in the Swiss bank accounts, then no one else can even dare to do it. Putting an end to corruption was one among several reasons why the Indians re-elected PM Narendra Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. And now it seems like they won’t be disappointed.

In a sensational move, Switzerland has issued notice to 11 Indians in a day. The notice was served on 21st May and few of the Indians who received it are Krishna Bhagwan Ramchand (born in May 1949) and Kalpesh Harshad Kinariwala (born in September 1972).

The other Indian nationals with redacted names are Mrs A S B K (born November 24, 1944), Mr A B K I (born July 9, 1944), Mrs P A S (born November 2, 1983), Mrs R A S (born November 22, 1973), Mr A P S (born November 27, 1944), Mrs A D S (born August 14, 1949), Mr M L A (born May 20, 1935), Mr N M A (born February 21, 1968) and Mr M M A (June 27, 1973).

A report stated “An analysis of the notices issued by the Federal Tax Administration, Switzerland government’s nodal department for sharing of information on foreign clients of Swiss banks, shows that the country has shared information with a number of countries, but the surge in India-related cases is noticeable in the past few weeks”.

Now these Indians need to filed an appeal at their banks in Switzerland and if it doesn’t convince the authorities, then they might be in trouble.

This move is said to be the beginning of the end of the corrupts who hid their black money in Switzerland. Earlier the Swiss authorities never agreed to share the details of the people who carried out financial wrongdoings. But after the repeated pressure by the Modi government, the Swiss authorities have agreed to share vital details of tax evaders from India.