Hammer blow on GST haters! Modi Govt will soon bring 99% items under the GST tax slab of 18% or less

In a big blow to opposition and good news for the common man PM Modi Government has indicated towards a very important announcement to be delivered soon.

Addressing the summit of Republic World on surging India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi indicated that efforts are being made to ensure that 99% of all items, including items used by the common man, would be kept at a Goods & Services Tax (GST) slab of 18% or less.

“We have reached a point where 99% things will be brought under the GST tax slab of 18%. We are heading towards a direction where only minimum items will be under the slab of more than 18% which will also be only some luxurious products. I will make sure that GST will be made simple and easier. Me and my government will ensure that we see and fulfill bigger dreams,” said Prime Minister Modi during his keynote speech

Prime Minister Modi also hailed the efforts of the people in making Goods & Service Tax (GST) such a big success. He praised people and said such a large scale reform has become only possible due to the people of the nation. He thanked people for making their contribution towards the development of India

“The entire country took the initiative to bring change with the tax reforms. They made their contributions to the development. It is the hard work of the people that India was able to bring such a huge reform. Even in many developed countries, it is quite difficult to bring small tax reforms. As I said earlier, before the introduction of GST, while registered enterprises were numbered 66 lakhs, now the price has increased to 1 crore 20 lakhs. While the GST was still new, slowly and steadily discussions took place with economists, tax reformers, business holders, and now the GST system has settled down to a large extent in the country,” PM Modi said during his keynote speech”

This will be a major blow to opposition ahead of 2019 LokSabha Elections. Not only it will decrease the tax burden on the end users but will also take away the major pain point that the opposition had insisted on flagging about GST — that with four tax slabs, it was too complex.

Prime Minister Modi Government has always been committed towards working for the people. Those who shout on Prime Minister Modi Government for taking big steps such as Demonetisation and GST must once think upon the point that Prime Minister Modi Government has thought about the nation even 1000 times before implementing such a big decision because PM Modi Government is for the people, of the people and by the people. If it would be really necessary for the benefit of the nation only then the Government has taken such a big action. It may have caused us little uneasiness for some time. But in the longer run it would be surely beneficial for all of us

Source: RepublicWorld