Hand of Congress with NDTV! IT Commissioner reveals former Finance Minister P Chidambaram has put 40 million dollars in NDTV

In a stunning revelation , Income Tax Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Srivastava who is whistleblower of financial irregularities in NDTV dealings has informed Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that former Finance Minister P Chidambaram has put 40 million dollars (200 crore rupees) in NDTV (P Gurus)

He revealed that this 40 million dollar which Chidambaram invested was the bribe taken by him in Aircel-Maxis deal and the money was parked in NDTV as an investment from a Maxis subsidiary All Astro Asia Network.
The Income Tax Commissioner called for investigation of NDTV for the above said reason and stated that the transfer of money done by Maxis and its owner T. Ananda Krishnan (accused in the Aircel-Maxis case) on behalf of P Chidambaram and Karti P. Chidambaram for obtaining FIPB approval in Rs.3500 crores.

“Aircel-Maxis deal fraudulently claiming the proposal for Rs.180 crores only when gross value of the proposal was to be considered and which has been hushed up by certain IRS officers in lieu of bribe paid by NDTV Ltd,” said Srivastava in his 88-page letter to CBI Director detailing the frauds committed by bank scam accused Pranoy Roy headed TV channel.

This whole transaction was carried out by sham letterbox companies owned and floated by NDTV Ltd (such as NDTV Lifestyle Holdings Pvt. Ltd wholly owned by NDTV Networks Plc, UK which was wholly owned by NDTV Networks BV, Holland which in turn was wholly owned by NDTV Ltd, India to launder the proceeds of the crime bring the bribe paid to the Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Karti by various entities by All Astro Asia Networks Plc, UK wholly owned subsidiary of the Maxis Ltd an T Ananda Krishnan.

“The fraudulent nature of the transaction between NDTV and Maxis is borne out from the fact that Maxis Ltd never cared to carry its investment or seek any return on that or get involved in the affairs of the company which was 49% owned by Maxis Ltd & had just forgotten their huge investment of about Rs.200 crores with NDTV Ltd and its subsidiaries. The case was hushed up by the NDTV Ltd by paying a bribe to the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers,” said Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava.

It was also revealed by Srivastava that certain CBI officers closed preliminary enquiry against three Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officials who were accused in NDTV’s financial irregularity. “Presently different divisions of the CBI are handling the cases of the bribe paid by NDTV Ltd to IRS officers and their conduits (Sumana Sen IRS & her spouse and then NDTV anchor Abhisar Sharma and accomplices Ashima Neb IRS and BK Jha IRS) and the embezzlement of Rs.1, 46, 82,836 from Government account by NDTV Ltd,” said Srivastava on how Chidambaram used the money earned through corruption to replenish the coffers of NDTV.

We all know, NDTV has always misused the authorities and institutions according to its will under their favourite government in power. Even in the income tax case evasion filed earlier against Prannoy Roy, Roy has tried his best to save himself. From influencing his known officials in the finance ministry for transfer of all the officers handling his case to threatening the Prime Minister Narendra Modi by writing a letter that “If NDTV will suffer than nation will suffer” he has done all. But to his bad luck nothing worked out

NDTV should now understand that this is not going to happen anymore. It had to bear the fruits of all its wrongdoings. NDTV owners Prannoy Roy, Radhika Roy and its promoters must know that this is Modi era in which no corrupt can escape. Every corrupt person and party has to pay back to nation whatsoever they have looted from the nation.

Credits : PGurus