What Would Have Happened to Country if Congress Was Still in Power??

When I look back at the 2014 Lok Sabha Election there is only one thought that fills my heart with dread – what if Congress had won & was still ruling? Naturally this is all but hypothetical now that we have Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, but giving this question a thought will help us immensely. It will enable us to see what currently is & what could have been had Congress still been in the center.

Let’s analyse –

  • Our growth was dwindling, inflation was at its peak, fiscal deficit was rising & the FDI inflows were meagre in comparison to economic giants like China. Congress was at best incapable of turning India’s macroeconomic health around. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done it within 3 years. We are the fasting growing economy, inflation has fallen to 4%, fiscal deficit has come under control & India today receives the highest FDI, even more than China!
  • Foreign policy under Congress was one of hesitance & national interest came last. From making Balochistan a global issue to corner Pakistan to getting uranium deals done with Canada, Australia & Mongolia; from gaining a seat in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) to solving the land dispute with Bangladesh, Prime Minister Modi has given a face-lift to Indian foreign policy!
  • Now the talk in the country is about high-speed rail network & not just starting about new trains or raising their capacity. Had Congress come to power we can imagine how the Railways would have disintegrated & gone into further debt.
  • Let alone providing 24/7 electricity, Congress never even talked about connecting every part of the country with electricity. Testimony is the 18,452 villages that were left in dark since independence. Now, these villages are receiving electricity at a break-neck speed & the government is promising to provide 24/7 to every part of the country by 2019!
  • Potholed roads, poor water supply & dearth of basic facilities like hospitals & schools were symbols of Congress rule. And they never attempted to – not even in their manifesto – to rid the country from these evils. It is only now that cities are moving rapidly towards becoming ‘smart cities’ with all the necessary facilities required by people.
  • Corruption was synonymous with Congress. They’ve looted India for decades & never did even a year go by when we didn’t read about a major scam. It is since 2014 that the nation has not been witness to a single scam. We can all imagine how badly our economy would have suffered was Congress still ruling as a third term would have made them bolder in initiating scams.
  • We see Indians on the roadside in every city at every few kilometre of distance. They never had nor did they ever dream of having a shelter over their heads had the Congress rule continued as the ‘pro-poor’ party didn’t care about them. It’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has taken upon himself the most daring & toughest task of them all – to provide housing to every Indian by 2022!
  • Garbage was everywhere – railway stations, roads, neighborhoods, public places. For decades this was accumulating & Congress made no significant move to clean the country. It is this prime minister who has accepted the incredible task of cleaning the country with his ‘Swachh Bharat Campaign’. Had it not been for him we would still have remained used to littering our country.
  • India was never known to be a manufacturing or exporting hub. Other than the IT sector & pharmaceuticals, India was never really known for its manufacturing industry. This has drastically changed after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign. The results will obviously be seen in the medium to long term, but in less than 3 years India has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles, mobile phones & steel.
  • Congress never made any real progress on the renewable energy front. In fact it couldn’t even fulfill the coal needs of the country. This government has set a goal of achieving 175 GW of energy from renewable sources! India created the ‘International Solar Alliance’ with France & aims to achieve 40% of its energy needs from renewable forms. To put this in perspective, China gets only 10% of its energy from renewable sources.
  • Our armed forces were ignored. No new purchases of weapons or land systems or fighter jets were made (even though the army was demanding so for a long time) due to fear of scams. Congress cheated our veterans with false promises & hollow actions on OROP. The cowardice of the central command was such that the army had to take permission from it before retaliating to Pakistani fire! But all this has changed. Unprecedented investments are being made in defence acquisitions – fighter jets, howitzers, tanks, guns & bulletproof jackets & much more. OROP has been implemented after a wait of over 4 decades giving our veterans their due. And the way our soldiers are grounding to dust Pakistani aggression is for all to see! Now they fire to destroy, not to defend.

These were some of the major changes that this government has brought about in comparison to Congress rule not only in terms of development but even in the mindset of the average Indian. One has to understand & appreciate Prime Minister Modi because had Congress entered a third term we would still be discussing corruption, electricity & roads, but now we are witnessing that these issues being solved & our talks have progressed to manufacturing, governance & a modern India.

We may predict X, Y, Z results, but ONE thing would have remained exactly same even today if Congress would have been in power…..Watch!

Vinayak Jain