What happened to Radha after Lord Krishna died?

Radha lived in a village called Repalli, which was a little away from Vrindavan

The episode of “Krishna and Radha” is one of the most enchanting ones for devotees since the Mahabharata times. It is illustrative of the highest form of bondage between the divine and human. Radha and Lord Krishna are believed to have that pure bondage, which mesmerized each one who heard about it.

Krishna and Radha are eternal partners as per Hindu scriptures and represent pure and unconditional love. We all know the stories of their birth, their friendship tales of chasing each other, and their everlasting love. But have you ever wondered how did their love story end? And how did Radha’s soul leave Earth?

Though there are different accounts about Radha’s story, the most widely accepted one follows. Well, here’s another version of Radha’s story and her love and devotion towards Krishna.
Krishna unfolded his divine plays on the soils of Vrindavan and was divinely alluring all the Gopas and Gopikas living there. Enchanted by his divine beauty, mesmerizing personality, and supreme love, the young and the old at Vrindavan were drawn towards him. Krishna saved Vrindavan and all its inmates by killing the demons that attacked it at the behest of Kamsa, who constantly lived in fear of Krishna and wanted to see that Krishna was dead leaving him to live peacefully.

Whereas, Radha lived in a village called Repalli, which was a little away from Vrindavan. Radha was five years elder to Krishna and Krishna took extreme delight in spending time with Radha as her devotion for Krishna was far beyond compare. While the Gopas and Gopikas at Vrindavan pined to stay with Krishna, Krishna would often escape away to Repalli in search of Radha.

It was time for Krishna to Move:

Krishna moved out from Vrindavan. Kamsa had sent an invite to Krishna through Akrura to visit the palace. Akrura had brought a chariot from Mathura, the city where Kamsa lived to take Krishna and Balarama. The news that Krishna would soon leave Vrindavan spread like a wildfire and a heavy cloud of grief hanged over the soils of Vrindavan.

All the Gopas and Gopikas surrounded the chariot brought by Akrura and spent the whole night sleeplessly around it so that Krishna would not leave and would choose to stay with them forever. However, Krishna’s divine mission had to accomplish several great things further and therefore; he had to leave them without a choice.

Radha’s divine love for Krishna- was inseparable:

Krishna left to Repalli to bid his farewell to Radha. Radha was devoted to Krishna from her heart and due to constant thinking of him; Krishna had in fact become inseparable from Radha having become one with her soul. Both met there and just spent a few minutes without a word.

Radha finally said that since Krishna had become her very soul, nothing can take away Krishna from her even when he left her physically. There was no much of emotions between them. Krishna had made Radha aware, the purpose of her divine incarnation as that of demonstrating the power of true devotion and she was firmly committed to her mission in spirit. Krishna silently left the scene and tactfully convinced the Gopas and Gopikas and together with Balarama, left for Mathura with Akrura.

Radha was left back with memories alone:

Years passed by, Krishna had killed Kamsa and Sisupala and several other demons as part of his divine mission and had built a wonderful kingdom in Mathura, which was transported overnight to Dwaraka amidst the sea in order to safeguard the inmates from demons. Radha’s life here in Vrindavan took an altogether different turn. She was all the time living the life of contemplation thinking about Krishna. She had no place for anything else in her life. However, being forced by her mother, she had to marry a man and raise her children.

Radha left to meet Krishna:

Years rolled by and Radha grew very old and weak. She pined to see Krishna once more in her life. She had by them completed her responsibilities of the householder and silently left Vrindavan in search of Krishna. Walking by foot for several days, she arrived at Dwaraka. She pined to enter the palace and have the darshan of Lord Krishna. Finally, she got an audience with Krishna.

Even after a lot of time had passed in between, they needed no words to replenish their relationship. They had been all the time together mentally and spiritually and therefore the scene appeared as though they had always been together. Radha however showed a deep sense of longing now at the terminal point of her life to spend some time near the physical presence of Krishna.

With Krishna’s permission, she joined the service of the palace as a maid. Except for Krishna and Radha, none else knew them. Though Radha got to see Krishna every day in the palace, the feeling of separation and distance from Krishna was only growing worse day by day. She started realizing that physical nearness was never something equal to spiritual nearness. Therefore, she chose to leave the palace without any notice. Radha was already weak and fragile due to old age and a tough life she lived. She walked on the roads without knowing where she was going.

Radha and her last wish:

But the Supreme Lord needed no invitation or information. He was divinely following Radha all the time. At this juncture when Radha needed him the most, Krishna appeared in flesh and blood near her. His divine touch brought her back to consciousness. Radha smiled at Krishna and delightfully looked at his captivating divine form. She knew that her stay on the earth was coming to an end and she had to leave forever only to merge with Krishna.

Krishna asked Radha what she wanted. She just nodded her head indicating ‘nothing’, except for his divine love. But Krishna insisted that she asked for something since she had never asked anything from him so far. Radha wanted to finally listen to Krishna’s divine flute before she left her mortal coils.

Final Journey of Radha!!

Krishna played the most melodious tune in his flute that was never played earlier and dedicated it to Radha. Listening to the divine melody, Radha divinely merged in Krishna. Krishna decided that it was his final rendering of the flute and once for all dedicated the flute to his most beloved devotee. Having played the tune he specially composed to accompany Radha on her final journey, he broke the flute and threw it away forever in the bushes and disappeared from there for the palace.

Beyond all these tales from the ancient times, they did not die!! They can never die. They have eternal spiritual form full of knowledge and bliss. In fact, they went back in the spiritual world after performing their pastimes; it is all stated in Padma Puran and Srimad Bhagavatam.

And their pastimes have deep philosophical meaning behind it. If it’s heard without understanding the actual reason behind it, we can misinterpret it and falsely spread wrong things. Most importantly, we can never get the actual fruit and bliss of understanding the real reason of their pastimes. And we end up doing many offences to him, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That’s why there are scriptures to teach us.