What is happening to the crores of money donated to temples by devotees? You will be shocked to know the truth!

When ever people visit temples, its a very common practice to donate some amount to the temple and the priest who performs the pooja for us. People donate it with a good intention that the money can be used for the development of the temple.

This practice is being followed since centuries and Hindus have been very kind in donating generously to the temples. In older days, it was custom for the Kings and Queens to donate huge amount of jewelries, gold coin, treasure to the temple for the welfare activities. The best example is how the King Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire in karnataka had donated rare gems, diamonds and huge amount of money to the temples to be used during special poojas.

But after India got independence, the monarchy rule was gone and democracy came into existence. Since then, most of the committees came under the control of government. Early 50s and 60, there were temple authorities or trustees who managed the funds received to the temples. The priests were also given salaries and their families completely depended on this income. The temples also conducted Sanskrit classes for the priest’s children to prepare them for future.

But our country saw a drastic transformation after 70-80s in which corruption and appeasement politics became the core agenda of most political parties. The politicians knew the temples made crores of money and wanted to snatch them. So they decided to take control over most of the temples in India and dissolved the temple committees. The priests were stopped giving salaries and were made to beg for money.

Since then the entire money which the temple receives goes to the government. But the huge amount of money is vanishing without a trace. It is not used for development activities, or to provide any facilities to the temple or devotees.

Take a look!

This is the collection of Kollur Mookambika temple in Karnataka!

In the year, 2014-15 the income to the temple was Rs 31,21,24,946 (Thirty one crores, twenty one laksh, twenty four thousand, nine hundred and forty six) , but the amount spent on development by government was 68,510.

In they year 2015-16, income was  Rs 39,13,38,407 amount spent on development >> 68,510.

In the year 2016-17 income was Rs 44,26,03,967 amount spent on development >> 68,510.

In 3 years the total amount received was whooping Rs 1,14,60,67,320 which is 114 crores, 60 lakhs, 67 thousand and 320.

Out of this only 2,05,530 has been spent on development. where is the rest of Rs 1,14,58,61,790 crores???
Now take a look at Renuka Yellamma temple!
The amount received in 2014-15 is Rs 12,67,87385
Amount received in 2015-16 is Rs 16,63,69,430
Amount received in 2016-17 is Rs 18,78,62,619
But not ONE RUPEE has been spent by the government on temple development. (The temple authority has declared themselves).

Where is the money going? who is looting hundreds of crores of temple money? The state government or the Muzarai department which holds control of most of the temples is directly responsible for this loot.  Remember these temples are not very rich like Tirupati or Shirdi, but still they get donations overs 100 crores every year. But more than 90% money is being snatched away by someone in the government.
Surprisingly the government has not taken the Mosques and Churches under their authority, all the money received in Churches and Mosques directly goes to the Committee.
It is the temples which are under governments control. Why?? Appeasement?

This is a serious issue and many people have demanded stringent action against these shameless corrupts. But there has been no action taken. It is time we raise the issue and demand proper accounts from the scamster state government.

Credit: All information was got through RTI by Mr Girish Bhardwaja, VHP member.

Aishwarya S