Hardik Patel secretly met Robert Vadra in a five-star hotel!!! Do you know who made this revelation?

Hardik met Rahul at least on three occasions, and once with Vadra in Delhi. His meeting with Rahul in Ahmedabad lasted for 48 minutes

47-year-old your icon Rahul Gandhi’s real face was unmasked in his first press conference after he ascended the throne as Congress party president. Yes, when asked about giving reservations to Patidar community, Rahul Gandhi had no answer.

This made it clear that Hardik Patel used the Patidars as a ladder in order to strengthen his political career. Now, one more shocking revelation has been made by none other than Hardik Patel’s former aide who now distanced himself from Hardik after sniffing his false intentions.

Hardik Patel met the brother-in-law of Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra in a five-star hotel. Initially, Hardik secretly met Rahul Gandhi and now met RaGa s brother in law. This has led to a whole lot of suspicion

“Despite being asked by PAAS leaders several times, Hardik never revealed what transpired in that meeting with Rahul Gandhi. Hardik even met Robert Vadra in Delhi. Yet, there is no explanation about it. Was there any secret deal with Vadra?” This big revelation was made by Hardik Patel’s disgruntled aide Dinesh Bambhania.

Bambhania further added, “Under what secret understanding Hardik is appealing to people to vote for the Congress?” “At his poll rallies, Hardik Patel openly says he does not like the Congress, but he asks people to vote for it. So what are the reasons that compel him to say so?”.

Did you know that Hardik Patel confessed that he met RaGa for 48 minutes?

“Hardik met Rahul at least on three occasions, and once with Vadra in Delhi. His meeting with Rahul in Ahmedabad lasted for 48 minutes. Hardik confessed before PAAS core committee that he made a mistake meeting Rahul, Vadra” Bambhania blasted another bomb.

How is Hardik Patel cheating the Patidar community with the help of Gandhi dynasty?

  • Hardik Patel met Rahul Gandhi but said that he never met Rahul Gandhi. But his lie was caught when the hotel CCTV footage revealed that Rahul Gandhi, in fact, met RaGa.
  • Hardik Patel is also “misleading” core members of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti after he secretly met Rahul Gandhi in a luxury hotel. If Hardik Patel really wanted to uplift the Patidar community, then why is he creating a rift among his community leaders? Is this a plan of Rahul Gandhi?
  • This pseudo leader Hardik Patel had met Rahul Gandhi thrice secretly. Did they had a discussion on genuine issues, the meet would have been made public, but they hid it.This makes it clear that the agenda of the meet was purely political.

Watch the below video where a Patidar woman from Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti!!!

The woman bashed Hardik Patel saying that the whole of the nation is watching his dirty game played with the help of Congress party. The woman asked him to immediately stop this sort of cheap politics. “Patidar community has not given any contract to Hardik Patel. Our community will fight in a just way to ensure what we need” she further added.


This makes it clear that even the Patidar community is against the pseudo-leader, Hardik Patel.

Hansika Raj