Hardik Patel to be soon included in the Indian version of the book”” HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE

It has only been a year of launching the Patidar Reservation Agitation for the inclusion of the Patidar community in the OBC (Other Backward Castes) category and the mastermind of this violent consternation has already become a Millionaire.

The journey of becoming a Millionaire had not been easy for Hardik Patel. He had worked really hard for it. HOW?
It dates back to July 2015 when several violent incidents took place across the state of Gujarat; from a number of property destruction to dissipating crore of Rupees. 150 buses were burned to ashes whereas 300 were damaged, 9 lives were sacrificed, 7 days internet connection was suspended which resulted in huge economic losses. The country was severely effected but why would people like Hardik Patel care when they get to be a Millionaire with a bonus of ‘Hero’ image.

Hero? YES!

23 years old brain, capable of divisive tactics and being an agitation spearhead””Hardik Patel was displayed as a hero in a Gujarati movie which had usage of real names of key leaders of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) headed by him. However the censor board denied clearance to this irrelevant movie on several grounds.
Wait! That was not it…
The ever so inspired makers of this movie later decided to go against the Central Board of Film Certificate (CBFC) and persuade the Films Certificate Appellate Tribunal to invalidate the decision of CBFC.
No wonder they have Hardik Patel as an inspirational Hero!

The man who was responsible for chaos in the state of Gujarat; the one because of whom Curfew was imposed in the state after 13 long years; supporting whom several people lost their lives”” This so called Patel Hero now lives a lavish life.

In an open letter to Hardik Patel, his former close associates”” Chirag Patel and Ketan Patel have very clearly alleged Hardik by saying “”

“Your ambition to become a leader, selfishness, and urge to be wealthy have caused huge damage to the community as well as to our agitation.”

While Hardik Patel’s own supporters are turning against him now, can we  believe that the so called ‘Welfare’ that he was fighting for the Patidar community will matter to him… Now that he has his own bed of roses?

Shrishti Vishwakarma