Harrassed & Bullied! Kulbushan Jadhav’s wife made to remove Mangal sutra, Bindi, Bangles before meeting her husband! Even stole wife’s shoes

In utter disregard to others belief, the Pakistanis have behaved like demons with wife and mother of Kulbushan Jhadav. The wife and mother who went to Pakistan to meet Kulbushan Jadhav were utterly humiliated and hurt by the behaviour of the authorities.

The MEA, India which gave a press statement today has revealed that the mother and wife were treated as culprits and were made to remove the Bindi, bangles and even mangal sutra before they met Kulbushan Jadhav said the spokesperson. The humiliation not just stopped there, but both were made to remove shoes and also change their attire before meeting Jadhav. What is more stupid is, the shoes of Jhadav’s wife was not returned despite many request.

This is nothing but a shameless act of Pakistani authority which cannot respect the sentiments of others. asking the wife to remove her bangles, bindi and mangal sutra seems like a deliberate attempt to humiliate and hurt the religious sentiments of Kulbushan’s wife as she was a Hindu. The MEA spokesperson said that no explanation was given for making them remove the Bindi and bangles.

The Pakistanis who turned the emotional moment of Jadhav’s family meet into a publicity stunt are indeed happy to humiliate India and its people in every way possible. It is India which needs to learn lessons as to how to treat Pakistan rather than showing sympathy to its people everytime. It is India which gives them 70% water through Indus Treaty, gives them medical visas every day, it is we who give their celebrities money and space in our country and despite all this, the Pakistan dared to humiliate hapless ladies who went to meet their family memeber who is given death sentence. One cannot expect a better behaviour from a country that is ruled by terrorists.

The disrespect shown to Kulbushan Jadhav’s mother and wife is nothing but disrespect shown to entire country and its sentiments. The Indian government should take stringent action against these people who do not know the meaning of respect and gratitude and bring back Kulbushan Jadhav safe.

Aishwarya S