Has Rahul Gandhi’s frequent ‘secret’ foreign tours dented the image of Congress?!

Probably no other politician in India has misused power and position as much as Nehru-Gandhi family has. No other politician has hid secrets as much the Gandhi family. Since the time of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and now Rahul, they have taken all special treatment being in power and made sure no one can ever question their acts.

Especially since the time Sonia Gandhi married Rajiv Gandhi and came to India, all her activities have remained a big question mark even today. Even in case of Rahul Gandhi, none of the information which is available seems to be genuine and has remained a secret even today. Be it their educational background, be it their family background, their real name, their citizenship, business everything has been kept secret. But still they call themselves to be in social life and want to be the Prime Minister of India.

But Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have not realised one thing that India is no longer in the 90’s and people will not remain quiet without questioning. Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as Congress President is the biggest blow to the party as he is unable to prove his leadership qualities nor is able to win any elections. He has lost more than 10 major state elections since 2013 which has costed Congress dearly. Despite the entire cadre knows the truth and incapabilities of Rahul Gandhi, they are not allowed to speak anything against the dynasty.

One of the major embarrassment Congress faces is due to the frequent secret trips of Rahul Gandhi to unknown locations.Couple days back, Rahul Gandhi tweeted that he was going to US for annual treatment of his mother. But his abroad activities have costed the governance in Karnataka which has irked many Congress leaders and JDS leaders as well. The cabinet expansion is on hold just because Rahul Gandhi could not miss his US trip. The entire state of Karnataka is facing crisis without government while Rahul Gandhi is enjoying is US trip.

Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said as Rahul Gandhi was abroad the cabinet expansion was put on hold until Rahul Gandhi returns. CM Kumaraswamy also reiterated that he was unable to take any decision without the permission of the Congress high command which is another indication of Gandhi families dictatorial attitude. This is not the first time Rahul Gandhi has escaped from his duties and flew abroad.

Since before, Rahul Gandhi has the habit of traveling abroad without informing the real purpose and place. This man has always lived abroad until 2014 and only visited India for summer vacations. His routine continued even after he became the MP of Amethi in 2004 and refused to take any responsibility when his own party was in power. In 2008, when the 26/11 terror attack happened, Rahul Gandhi was partying abroad.


This earned him the name part time politicians and reluctant Prince. Even after 2014, when the party decided to promote him as the President of Congress, he continued his same habit of running away to unknown locations without informing anyone. The party leaders faced embarrassment as most of the decisions were left pending and Rahul Gandhi just did not care.

In June 2014, just months after his party lost miserably in 2014 general elections, Rahul Gandhi flew abroad and never cared to stand by his party. In early 2015, he again vanished for 2 months claiming to take meditation class in Myanmar. This caused massive embarrassment to Congress as they did not even know for sure if he was in Myanmar.  Again in December 2015, Rahul Gandhi went to Europe just before the Assam elections and did not care to organise party strategy. The Congress lost the Assam elections badly in 2016.

In December 2016, Rahul Gandhi again went to unknown location to celebrate New Year when the Punjab elections were due. Captain Amrinder Singh had expressed anger over the behavior of Rahul Gandhi for his irresponsible attitude making the entire party wait for him for over 10 days.

Except in the year 2015, he has never celebrated his birthday in India. He always leaves the country at least a week before his birthday, Christmas and NewYear to unknown locations. In 2016, he went to Turkey to celebrate his birthday, in 2017 he was  in Italy with his grandmother for his birthday. Again in 2018 March, he went to Italy saying he wanted to meet his grandmother.

So, how many other politicians have we seen traveling this frequently to abroad? What business does he have there? According to sources, he never takes SPG security along with him during his foreign visits and travels in a charter flight. So, who sponsors his abroad trips? His trips have become a major issue of debate and suspicion. Many cyber experts who know the inside information have revealed that Rahul Gandhi’s foreign trips are not mere a family reunion but have much more to do with his political funding and strategies.

They have claimed he has contacts with many vested interests groups who are financing anti India projects and political strategy to uproot PM Modi. The connections of Rahul Gandhi with Cambridge analytica was an example to show how he was bringing in foreign agencies into Indian politics. So, it is much believed that his trips claiming treatment, grandmother’s meet seems to be a total mislead to fool people.


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