Have Social Media Bloggers Started Following Foot Steps of Barkha Dutt??

Social media today has been the best means of information broadcasting and networking. It”™s the most powerful tool to express oneself without feeling prejudiced by any individual or organisation.

But certainly in many countries and in India any new technology goes to an extent of exploitation which after certain period would itself become a nuisance and pose threat to the society. Mobile phones are best examples, first when the phones were introduced, it was considered to be used in emergencies and just for the sake of communication. But the unprecedented  development of technology in phones, introducing whats app, games over took the perception of mobiles being just a communication device.

Similarly the virtual world of Facebook , twitter friends, talks and trends became more important than REAL world. Well FB and Twitter can”™t be blamed, it”™s people who should realize the line that separates necessitation and exploitation.

Our country is presently facing the situation where the social media sites FB and twitter are being used to publish sensitive information, discuss national security issues publicly and government strategies on handling terrorism. And many people are trying to gain attention, followers by posing that they have real time data, army details and strategies.

Again we have to blame the paid media who first started this tradition to gain high TRP and claim they have contacts with government. It reminds how Main Stream Media irresponsibly put out live telecast of army operation during 26/11, after which the army had to warn media to stop live coverage. No lesson seems to have learnt either by successive governments or security personals to tame these journalists.

Inspite of warnings, Barkha Dutt and many other Media sites on FB and twitter had tweeted about army movements during Uri attack recently.

This tradition has now been picked by many facebook and twitter users who are claiming themselves to be part of security personals and are publishing news giving wrong information about army operations and government decisions. Ever since Uri attack took place many irresponsible people have being tweeting implying that they have information of army activities along LoC.  



Does any army or government give official not on CROSSING LoC??

Many people tend to trust these information and are forwarding it on whats app and all SM platforms. These people don”™t realise that they are not only mis-leading people but also are posing threat to our army and national security.

The centre, IB and cyber bureau should frame strict guidelines and take immediate steps to curb this nonsense on social media including the media. This would have been a crime if done in any country like US, UK or Russia, but India hasn”™t seem to have taken the issue seriously.

Remember our Intelligence Bureau and Army Protocols are one of the best in the world and in no circumstance anybody would get the slightest information regarding Army Operations apart from people concerned in it. So people should be clever enough to analyse that no information from Intelligence bureau or army is got so easily to anyone.

Do not encourage the misuse of social platform and pose threat to National Security.

Aishwarya S