Have the Kannadigas forgot how Rahul Gandhi got scared of a cartoon and got it removed?

The Congress party’s action has always proved that they people never have any confidence in them for winning the elections. That’s why they have always resort to other means for winning. Their minds have been always preoccupied with fear. It is rightly said that the person who has not done anything wrong, never fears from anyone boldly face the world. He has everything to show to the world. He will celebrate his achievements and will accept his failures and will provide assurance of not doing them again and improving the situation.

But as the Congress Party doesn’t belong to such type, they always have to hide their face in shame. They don’t have anything to show. Their only work is to lay false allegations on PM Modi and his government. Those who have tried to bring this reality of Congress in front of the nation has always irked in the eyes of the party.

To reflect this I am narrating one very small incident that has happened two years ago. An eminent cartoonist hailing from Kundapura region in Karnataka has designed one cartoon hoarding displaying the Congress President hiding behind the back of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah and shouting him for help and CM Siddaramaiah asking help from Rahul Gandhi in order to escape from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was displayed running towards them.

This cartoon hoarding was designed by cartoonist Satish Acharya, who works from his home in Kundapura, and has a fixed hoarding named Cartoon Corner where he displays some of his best works. Cartoonist Satish has always designed different cartoons based on the political parties and scenarios and out of them his best works he always used to display at cartoon corner hoarding and was always appreciated by everyone for his work.

But to his surprise this time something happened that he would have never expected. After he displayed the cartoon on the Cartoon Corner, a local Congress leader called him and suggested him to remove the cartoon as they were founding it offensive.

Speaking to News18, the cartoonist said  “I draw cartoons on all political parties. I use cartoon corner hoarding to display some of them. In the past, nobody troubled me. After I had put this cartoon up, a local Congress leader called me up to suggest that I should remove it as it is offensive.”

When Mr.Acharya didn’t pay much heed to it the next day the cartoon hoarding was removed from the corner by the Kundapura Municipality citing the reason of clearing the billboards and hoarding of the city in order to beautify the town.

Although the Karnataka Congress president Dr G Parameshwara said he was not aware of any such developments and the Congress had nothing to do with it. But we all know the reality of Congress party very well.

Even the cartoonist has understood the mentality of Congress party that how their minds are preoccupied with fear. He said “The Congress should be worried about the challenges before the party. It should not be afraid of a harmless cartoon,” 

Congress party, liberals and paid media has themselves always made statements, cartoons on many politicians and leaders. They have always stooped low in defaming others. Is freedom of Expression only reserved to these people? Does anyone other who not even holds any bad intention has no right to express themselves?

The Congress party is so shaken that it fears even from one harmless cartoon. How come such a party who even fears from cartoon will be able to make through elections? How will they be able to face PM Narendra Modi and his party who has their developmental work to show unlike them?

Anyhow by removing one cartoon hoarding Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his party has shown their true face. But by doing this they cannot stop people from knowing their reality. People of Karnataka are well aware of their hypocrisy & double standards. And coming 15th may they will let the party feel this heat. They will finally bury the Congress and aim of “Congress Mukt Bharat” will be finally achieved.  And then not only Rahul Gandhi but all the Congress leaders have to hide themselves.