Have you ever wondered what’s hidden in the thousands of secret chambers at the Taj Mahal?

We have often heard and spoken about the beauty of one among the 7 marvels of the world and that’s Taj Mahal. Taught in schools, read in books, narrated in scriptures, this beauty of the monument and its stories has turned history now.

The Legendary tale of Shah Jahan and his eternal love for his wife Mumtaz is an outdated story known to the world now. Today, let’s talk about something interesting rather a rare tale that connects with the Ancient Sculpture. Aside from the everlasting romantic tales of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, there is one baffling story about mystery rooms inside this landmark which aren’t available to the regular open.

Even after the popular history, Taj Mahal, like any historic fort, has many secret passages and rooms. There are many rooms in the fort or tomb, not 100 or 200 but 1089 of them! These are supposedly kept closed since the time of Shah Jahan. These doorways have been sealed with brick and lime. There are some facts about these hidden doors in Taj Mahal which raises the finger towards the history of Taj Mahal and whether Shah Jahan actually created this beautiful monument.

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Mystery surrounding 1089 rooms in the Monument!!

It is said that in the most profound and darkest route to the hallways on the off chance that you nearly examine, the curves and the rectangular ventilators above have been fixed with various sizes of marble and tints. These curves take you to the mystery stairs which prompt various rooms encased behind these curves.

Secret curves where one wouldn’t set out to visit. Numerous such entryways of chambers in mystery rooms underneath the Taj Mahal have been fixed with block and lime. There are a huge number of curves like these and that have their own stories.

Is something covered up close to Mumtaz’s grave?

Right by the riverside, lies the grave of Shah Jahan’s dearest wife Mumtaz as witnessed by each one of us. Be that as it may, what individuals don’t know is there is a two story marble structure that covers up alongside the riverside. This raises an eyebrow of why is it concealed so? What may lie behind this grave?

Taj Mahal- a Hindu Sanctuary and not Mughal structure??

The hot topic in the present times that moves around is about the actual identity of Taj Mahal. Hindu devotees have a staunch belief that the structure was initially a Hindu sanctuary for Lord Shiva. Shah Jahan secured these ventilators with stone-block or marble block to shroud any Hindu birthplace. He concealed the Hindu icons and pictures in those rooms.The columns were loaded with models of Hindu divine beings and goddesses.

It is additionally said that there are more than 1000 rooms within the structure, and these rooms with Hindu sketches and figures are covered up by bricks and stones.The authorities responsible of the monument, do not allow common men or visitors to witness and investigate these chambers and what lies within them.

Eyes can witness it better than what words convey. One can witness the real picture of these mysterious by making a visit to the monument. Well, concluding these arguments with a strong claim would be wrong on the part of the historical beliefs. But these spooky rooms exist with no reasoned theory or logic and they have persisted throughout the history.


Mysterious Locked Rooms Inside The Taj Mahal Were You Can Not Go!