Have you missed PM Modi’s spectacular speech against “No Confidence Motion”? Here’s the complete transcription of it

The historic speech made by Prime Minister Modi in the parliament on 20th July 2018 is something that must not be missed by any Indians. That’s why we are providing you the entire transcription of PM Modi’s speech.

PM Modi began his speech at around 9:15 PM!

  • Madam Speaker, I thank you for the way you handled matters today.
  • This trust vote is an important aspect of our democracy. Even if it came from the TDP, the MPs who are with them have spoken for it, and a large number of people have spoken against it.I request that this motion be scrapped. After 30 years, a government with this mandate came, and i wish we repose faith in the speed at which this government has worked
  • We have got a chance to state our views but we’ve also seen how negative politics works. Their made-up faces have been exposed.

Many have wondered how this motion came. Attempts to delay the discussion show their discomfort.

Neither boatswain, nor wind in their sails. What kind of lesson is this?


  • I am surprised… discussion just started. And those who want to come here (points at his seat) and say ‘get up get up get up’. I wonder what the hurry is? (Referring to Rahul Gandhi hugging him)

They say we won’t let you come to power in 2019. In a democracy, people’s faith is supreme.


  • To remove one Modi, whom there is no attempt to get to know… I advise Congress. When you want to test your allies, please do. But don’t make an excuse of a No Confidence vote.


  • We are here because we have the backing of the people.For further selfish interest, don’t run down the people’s trust. Without votebank politics, we kept working      towards ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’


  • When electricity reached 18,000 villages… this work past governments could also have done. 15,000 villages of this are in the East. They didn’t do it because of their votebank calculations.They didn’t have faith in these people. Hence, they separated the North-East from therest.

    We didn’t just provide electricity, we worked towards connectivity.

    Banks were nationalised but doors of banks weren’t opened for the poor.

    Our government has done the work of opening 35 crore Jan Dhan Bank accounts and the poor have deposited Rs 80,000 crore.

    The previous governments could also have done this. Toilets have been constructed, Saubhagya scheme has been implemented.



  • We are working steadily towards doubling farmers’ income by 2022. We are making seamless facilities. They don’t have faith in this.We have tackled the lack of Urea. They don’t have faith in this also.


  • What is the reason that under them LED bulb used to sell for Rs 400 and now sells for Rs 40?In their time there were 5 mobile phone-manufacturing companies. Now there are 120

    People doubted how India will do digital transactions. Those people who underestimated the strength of the people, were given a befitting response.

    They used to think people are illiterate, ‘they won’t do this they won’t do that’. It shows their mindset.

    We improved by 42 positions in Ease of Doing Business. They have doubts on that also.


  • They don’t have faith in GST also. The country has worked towards economic growth. We are the fastest-growing major economy in the world.We began the fight against black money, and it is far from over. I am aware of the kind of people who were troubled by this.

    We prevented the leakage of money to places where it shouldn’t have gone. We shut shell companies.


  • Till now, Rs 4500 crore of Benami property has been seized. The country has faith, the world has faith. But those who don’t have faith in themselves, how will they have faith in us?


  • Congress doesn’t have faith in itself. They don’t have faith in Swachh Bharat. They don’t have faith in Yoga Day. They don’t have faith in ratings agencies. They don’t have faith in RBI. They don’t have faith in Statisticians.They don’t have faith in the EC, EVMs…
  • When they had to appear in courts, they also felt discomforted.I also pray to Shiva. I also pray to the people. I hope you get so much strength that even in 2024 you bring a no-confidence motion.

    On Doklam. I realise there isn’t much knowledge. They should be careful while talking about things. When the whole country was together over Doklam, they were mingling with the Chinese.

    Some would say they met, some would say they wouldn’t. Why the suspense? Finally they had to accept that they met.


  • They touched upon Rafale. I can’t believe truth can be crushed like this repeatedly. And shouting untruths to mislead the country? This country will not forgive it.Both countries had to reveal the truth. Is it responsible? From those people who stayed in government for so long?

    I want to tell the country that this agreement has been entered into by two responsible governments. And with all due procedure. And I suggest that we not play politics over such sensitive security matters.

    Have you seen the language that was used against the Army chief? Till today, every Jawan, anywhere, would have felt such hurt that you can’t even imagine.


  • You called the Surgical Strike a Jumla Strike? Modi is there to listen to all your abuses but you want to abuse the Jawans?Congress has abused the no-confidence motion to spread instability in the country.

    I read in the newspaper, immediately after the motion was accepted, the opinion was given, ‘Who says we don’t have the numbers?’

    I remember in 1999, in front of Parliament, they claimed they had 272. They may have defeated Atal ji but their claim of 272 turned out to be empty.

    Today, games are being played to destabilise a stable country


  • This was done before also. First, Deve Gowda ji was discarded, and then came the turn of IK Gujaral.How the Congress, to save their own government, twice tried to buy support. Votes for notes — who doesn’t know this game?


  • History is a witness. Look what happened to Bose, Morarji Desai, Chandra Sekhar, Pranab Mukherjee. They all tried to look eye-to-eye. Even Sharad Pawar tried. Look what happened.Talking about eyes. Those who talk about eyes, today, on TV, everyone is looking at the game of eyes. (Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s wink after hugging him)
  • Today it was also said ‘you are not chowkidaar, you are bhagidaar’. We are bhagidaar of the aspirations of the youth! We are bhagidaar and we will remain bhagidaar. We are not thekedaar, we are not saudagar. We are bhagidaar, we are chowkidaar. We are proud of this!


  • Congress has just one mantra. Either we’re in power, or rumours rule. And today there’s technology to spread rumours. These people emotionally blackmail sections of society for their votebanks.That is the reason that a large section of society has remained behind. The people who used to insult Ambedkar have begun to sing his praises?

    Removing the CM you don’t like… that game was started early after Independence.

    To fulfil one family’s aspirations, everything has been risked.


  • One person had said – ‘Congress party, in different states, became weak — why? I come from a state where this party’s influence has ended. Why? Because Congress couldn’t understand that the people to whom nothing had reached in years, has now reached.’ Thi was said by Chidambaram on April 11, 1997.


  • PM Vajpayee split three states. There was no fight and no tug-of-war. The states are progressing quickly. But you split Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for political interests. But at that time, I had said that Telugu is our mother. I had said they saved the baby but not the mother. I still believe in saving the mother.You left after splitting it. You did the same when you split India and Pakistan. And you did the same with AP.

    Initially, Chandrababu Naidu and TRS used to fight all the time. Someone had to continuously intervene. KCR showed maturity. You divided resources haphazardly between the two states.

    I remember a media report by a TDP member. They said that special category status isn’t as good special package.

  • NDA government respects the aspirations of the people of Andhra Pradesh, but we’ll also have to keep in mind that the government is bound to the Pay Commission. Hence, a special package was devised such that it gives the equivalent of what special category status would have done. The CM of AP thanked the Finance Minister for this. The government wanted to fulfil every commitment but to hide its shortcomings, quit the NDA.I called Chandrababu Naidu when he left the NDA. I told him, “Babu, you are getting stuck in the YSR’s web. And you will not be able to save yourself.” And I am seeing. The fight is over there, but it’s being played out here. Any package given also has an effect elsewhere. And in this forum, Veerappa Moily had asked how such inequality and inequity can be created between two states. He had said ‘you are an arbitrator.’

    I want to tell the people of Andhra, that whether it be the capital or something else, we will keep working for it! We will not spare anything for development. In Andhra’s development is the development of India.

  • Who kept OROP and GST stuck for so long? They said that the Gujarat CM had done it. I had told the then government that GST will not be able to move ahead without considering the considerations of the states.And now, not just the BJP CMs, but the Congress CMs, also ask me to act. I used my experience as CM. Had you understood the concerns of states, you would also have come up with GST 5 years sooner.
  • I would like to say one more thing. This is very important for the country to know. We came in 2014. Then, many people said we should bring out a white-paper on the economy. But when we sat down and examined, we were shocked at the situation that was before. I want to tell the story of NPAs. This story began in 2008. Elections were in 2009. Congress had started feeling that ‘only one year is left. Let’s take what we can’. Till Congress remained, this business of looting banks continued. One statistic will surprise everyone. In 60 years of Independence, banks had given 18 lakh crore as loans. But from 2008-to-2014, this number was 52 lakh crores! And how did this happen? Internet banking came late to the world. But before Internet banking came, phone banking began. And a feature of this phone banking was that from 18 lakh crores to 52 lakh crores, treasuries were looted. Telephone call came, ‘give loan’. Time to pay loan, ‘give another loan’. This kept happening and the country remained in the NPA cycle. This was spread as a landmine for the country. We took all steps to resolve it.Another reason for NPAs increasing is decisions taken by UPA on import on Capital goods. These were also bankrolled by bank loans. In many projects, banks gave loans instead of equity. Banks remained stuck and NPAs kept rising.
  • We undertook banking reform. NPA accounts are designated. Accounts with over Rs 50 crore NPAs are being reviewed and wilful defaulters identified. Insolvency and Bankruptcy code has been passed. The 12 biggest NPAs are being resolved and 45% has been recovered. Yesterday, the Lok Sabha passed the Fugitive Offenders bill.If in 2014, NDA government hadn’t been formed, the way the Congress government was running, the country would have been in a big problem. The previous government used FCNRs to leave the country in $32 billion debt. We have resolved this.
  • For the first time, two women ministers are in the Cabinet Committee on Security. Women fighter pilots have been inducted. Triple Talaq is being abolished.I request the states to take strict action on heinous crimes.
  • Whether it be IITs, IIMs or increase in medical seats. Bureaucracy is the same, methods are the same, but the intent is different and that’s why we’re moving ahead.Many canards are being spread about employment. The truth is being decimated. We will place employment records before the people every month.
  • From September 2017 to May 2018, 45 lakh new subscribers have joined EPF (provident fund). In the last 9 months, 5.68 lakh people have signed up for the New pension scheme (NPS)
  • PM Modi gives statistics of professionals and new companies that have entered the system extrapolating the employment created.If we talk about the informal sector, then in the transport sector, 7.6 lakh commercial vehicles were sold. If you consider 2 lakh vehicles that were old and replaced, then 5.6 lakh vehicles were entered the roads. If each gives employment to 2 people, then over 10 lakh people got jobs.

    In the last year, 2.2 lakh autos have been sold. Three people are provided employment by two autos.

    EPF, NPS, Professionals, Transport sector – if you add all these, over 1 crore people have got jobs in the last year.

    Let there not be an attempt to mislead the country.

  • I thank the people who participated in the discussion. I assure people of Andhra Pradesh that no effort will be spared for development. I call for this no-confidence motion to be scrapped.

(After this TDP MP Kesineni Sriniwas tabled the No Confidence motion)