He came, he saw, he conquered; Boxer Vijender Singh defeated the Chinese and the message given by him will make us proud

He is a legend! His patriotism was seen front of the media when he was asked to being opinionated about his victory.

Vijender, a double champion in pro-boxing, has urged India and China to have peace at the border.

He defeated the Chinese opponent Zulpikar Maimaitiali in the WBO Asia pacific super middleweight title.

It was a day kind of blue moonlight, his fans were so delighted by his victory. Later, through his statement, he won the hearts of patriots as well. He snatched the victory over a Chinese opponent who is nine years younger to him. It was his ninth successive win in his professional career.

He won the challenging 10 round bout by one of the closest unanimous decisions to balance his unbeaten streak at the professional boxing.

He said, “He gave that cap, he said I asked him to the cap and he gave it to me, I simply gave him the belt but he couldn’t understand it.”

About the fight, he claimed, “The fight was really good. I didn’t expect, it was 10 rounds of nerve thrilling, at times the Chinese products lasts a little long, it was an amazing fight and fun. Although, it was a tough fight of blood oozing, but final victory was ours, it was cool.”

“As you have seen, 3-4 times he did hit below the belt and that disturbed me, that was a foul and the referee gave him a warning. He is a strong kid. He is not so experienced and I wish him to fight in a proper manner, even though if it’s all about winning.” He added.

Vijender also said that he wants to challenge for the world championship soon.

While signing off, he said, “Just pray for me, one day I will be a world champion. I would like to thank everyone who came to this fight. It was great to see you all”.

Patriotism and an urge to win for the country!!

Well, when Chinese opponent being sarcastic with Vijender saying that he is giving cap to him, Vijender just gave his belt to him saying nothing. Though, he spoke about the border disputes and we could say that “It’s not only about winning, but for the dignity of the nation too.”

Shika Mahajan