He died 50 years ago, yet he is serving the Indian Army at the borders! Meet Baba Harbhajan Singh

Behind every temple, there is a story of devotion, miracle and trust. Across the world, temples are usually built to gods and goddesses but today you will come across a temple which is dedicated to a man who went on to become god. Note that the (super) man was from the Indian Army.

Have you heard of Captain “Baba” Harbhajan Singh who is serving the Indian Army, even though he died in the year 1968? Baffled or shocked?

Baba Harbhajan

Born on 30th August 1946, Harbhajan Singh had joined the Punjab Regiment as a Jawan at a very young age only to sacrifice his life for the motherland. Every story ends with the death of the hero but here, the death doesn’t stop the hero from doing his duty.

On 4th October 1968, when Harbhajan Singh was just 22 years old, he became the victim of battle at the 14,500 feet (4,400 m) Nathu La, a mountain pass between Tibet and Sikkim, according to the official version.

But the legend and most people of the surrounding location have another version and it is said to be the correct one. According to this, when Sepoy Harbhajan Singh was on his way to supply certain items to the remote outpost along with the mules, he drowned in a glacier and the water carried his body about two-kilometres downstream. After three days of an intense search operation, the Indian Army finally located his dead body and did the final rites with full military honours.

Baba Harbhajan

The story doesn’t end here!

Few days later, Sepoy Harbhajan Singh appeared, but in the dream of his batch-mates of Punjab Regiment and instructed them to build a “Samadhi” dedicated for him. As the wish of their martyred batch-mate, the soldiers and officers built a “Samadhi”.

Since then he became Baba and the Indian Army promoted him to Honorary Captain rank. Another interesting fact is that on 11th September of every year, the Indian Army sends a jeep filled with the personal belongings of Captain Baba Harbhajan Singh to his home.

The belongings are sent from New Jalpaiguri railway station and from there it goes to Kuka village of Punjab. Interesting, the Indian Army books a special reservation for Baba Harbhajan Singh, and yes the seat will be empty (occupied by martyred Baba) and the railways won’t give it to any of the passengers in the waiting list.

The belongings of Baba Harbhajan Singh will be looked by three soldiers from the Army until it reaches his village. The fact that several soldiers contribute a certain sum and give it to the mother of Baba Harbhajan Singh speaks of the respect Baba has earned in his regiment. So this is the period when Baba Harbhajan Singh will be on leave for 2 months.

Baba Harbhajan

And the next fact will shock you. Whenever Baba Harbhajan Singh will be on leave, the Punjab Regiment in the Indo-China border will be on high alert. Thinking what’s the connection between Baba Harbhajan Singh going on leave and declaring high alert?

It is said that Baba Harbhajan, even though he is dead, performs his duty 24*7, except when he is on leave. On several occasions, Baba had alerted the Indian Army of attacks from the enemy soldiers, that too three days in advance. Due to this contribution of his, Baba was promoted to Captain rank. Even during the flag meeting of India and China, a chair will be reserved for Baba Harbhajan Singh.

Now coming to the temple, it has created and is creating miracles. The relatives of a sick person visit the temple and leave a bottle of water after offering prayers. The same water they carry along with them to give to the ailing person and it is said that the water cures the person, which has strengthened the trust on Baba.