He was let free despite chanting anti India slogans, now he is roaming free assaulting people on streets!

2 years back, when this man chanted anti India slogans in the heart of the capital, he should have been sent to jail for lifetime. But the great Indian courts did not do so for the reasons known to them. But now this man has turned out into a street goonda who is assaulting innocent people in society.Yes, he is none other than JNU’s Kanhaiya Kumar.

Kanhaiya Kumar who along with his 100 friends visited AIIMS hospital in Patna to see one of the AISF member Sushil Kumar who was admitted started creating nuisance in the hospital disturbing all the other patients. When an intern Avinash Pandey in the hospital requested them not to crowd the place and asked them to leave, the goon friends of Kanhaiya abused the intern and manhandled him which created a tense situation. When the security guard came to the intern’s rescue, he was also manhandled and attacked in the hospital.

They started to threaten the other doctors and patients warning them against speaking. The security guard and the intern were badly injured and hurt in the assault after which the hospital administration lodged a complaint against Kanhaiya and his friends in Phulwari Sharif police station.

Yesterday, the doctors and all the staff of the hospital staged a protests against the brutal behavior of the so called left students and demanded action against them. Dr Vinay Singh told the Times of India that Kanhaiya and his supporters ‘even snatched the mobile phone of the intern’ and thrashed the security guard. Financial Times Report

According to the report, health minister Mangal Pandey has taken note of the case and has asked the institute to submit a report about the incident. He has also assured that strong action would be taken against people who misbehaved with the doctors.

Following the complaint, the police have now filed FIR against Kanhaiya Kumar and his friends and have initiated the investigation. The reason these goons go on rampage is because there is no fear of law and have political support to rescue them from the clutches of police. The man who should have been in jail for his misdeeds against the country is roaming free creating nuisance in the society.

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