Have you heard of the biggest massacre of Karsevaks done by Mulayam Singh Yadav?

2nd November, 1990: When Mulayam reenacted Jalianwala in Ayodhya

Lakhs of Hindus have been killed in an attempt to construct a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. There are people with vested interests who’ve assaulted the dignity of Hinduism in every possible way. In this category falls a man called -Mulayam Singh Yadav, the former CM of Uttar Pradesh. Now, he has handed over his legacy to his son Akhilesh, but there is a past of notorious and dreadful acts by Mr. Mulayam Singh and his hand in merciless killing of thousands of innocent Hindus.

He created the second Jalianwala Bagh incident of India and once again the killers were secular liberal Indians.

It was the dawn of 2nd November 1990 in Lord Sri Ram’s Land “Ayodhya”. The “Kar sevaks” were sitting or standing in the narrow lanes near the Janam Bhoomi site. The police opened fire. According to press reports, the police intentionally skipped the normal procedure of first warning, lati-charge and teargas, shooting in the air and ultimately shooting at the legs!

Most of the dead bodies had bullet wounds in the head and chest. The police reported just “18 dead bodies” but the death toll is a matter of dispute. Many dead bodies were carried off in Army vans and unceremoniously disposed off at an unknown place. “Many local people, including eyewitnesses say that several thousands were killed”. The most significant point in the killings is that few press reports claim that some of the bullets found in dead or wounded Kar sevaks bodies, were not of the kind the security forces normally use.

Some people infer from this, that Mulayam or someone else who had a say in the deployment of the security personnel, had allowed minority snipers to take up positions and join in the shooting.

Given the anti-Hindu nature of the Indian Administration, no official enquiry was ever conducted for this gruesome massacre in which according to ground sources a minimum of 40 thousand Hindus were killed because of the police firing and the stampede that followed. The intention of the police was clearly not to disperse the crowds but to ensure a huge body count in order to put the fear of administration among the Hindus.

Witnesses say the CRPF entered hundreds of houses and killed people inside, simply upon suspicion of being a Kar Sevak. Referring to the firing, the District Magistrate, Sri Ram Saran Srivastawa had said, “I do not understand why they are killing people like this”. The Divisional Commissioner of Faizabad Mr. Madhukar Gupta said, “We did not count how many people were killed.” Truckloads of dead bodies were dumped off secretly; several bodies immersed in the Sarayu with sand-bags tied. In 1990 another incident took place known as School Massacre. In this incident, 4 Hindu teachers including 2 women were killed by Muslims in the school.

Now let’s go back a little in time…

As decided by the Ram bhakts, the foundation stone of the Ram temple was to be laid on November 10, 1989. The Shilanyas of mandir was done by Rajiv Gandhi in 1989, just before elections. In 1990, the then BJP president Lal Krishna Advani took out a cross-country rathyatra to garner support for a Ram temple at Ayodhya.

Mulayam Singh announced that he’d stop L. K. Advani’s Ram Rath Yatra before it reaches Ayodhya. He planned on arresting LK Advani as soon as he entered his state, UP. Not to be left behind in display of secularism, Advani was arrested in Samastipur, Bihar by Lalu Yadav and the yatra was stopped.

At the same time, behind the scene, Mulayam Singh challenged Prime Minister V.P. Singh to intervene who in turn arrested all leaders of organizations involved in the Ram Janma bhoomi movement. However, the movement went on sans its leaders and Kar Sevaks decided to go ahead with their non-violent march to Ayodhya.

To prevent Kar sevaks from going to Ayodhya, Mulayam Singh suspended all public transport in the state, blocked roads, and imposed curfew in a number of cities. House-to-house searches for Kar sevaks were carried out. In many instances, they were pulled out from their houses and killed later. The state borders were sealed and a massive numbers of Hindus were jailed or sealed in barricades.

The numbers cited vary between six and eight lakhs, which is a lot more than the people arrested during the Emergency or the Quit India movement in the whole county. However, no press coverage was given to these facts. The people of India were denied this ethical right to knowledge about this gruesome tun of events in the country. No newspaper had the guts to publish these events and the state owned news channel – Doordarshan was kept silent on the issue. It’ a result of that media apathy that it’s hard to verify the actual figures of those affected.