Heights of hatred? Rattled by Sadhvi Pragya’s candidature in Bhopal, Prakash Ambedkar says “RSS is a terror organisation”

Day by day, there is a rise in hatred towards the Hindu organisations and its leaders in India. In what is called as a condemnable act, Prakash Ambedkar who is the grandson of Dr BR Ambedkar has stated that RSS is a terror organisation. He stated “The character of BJP is out, RSS is a terror organisation. Now they want to bring terrorism in politics, I hope the people of Bhopal give a befitting reply”.

Prakash Ambedkar made this heinous comment when he was questioned about Sadhvi Pragya’s candidature on BJP’s ticket in Bhopal. His statement is really shocking because why he has to overact when BJP gives ticket to a women who was tortured for 9 years under the UPA government? Even the top court has not convicted her in terror charges, but a set of gang is unable to tolerate the fact that she is fielded against Digvijay Singh, a man who supported the fake saffron terror narrative.

Coming to calling RSS an terror organisation, Mr Prakash Ambedkar must know that RSS is an organisation that had contributed immensely when India fought a war against China during Nehru’s tenure. He must also know that RSS is a disciplined organisation that comes into rescue whenever India is in a crisis situation.

Prakash Ambedkar is not the only one who is rattled after BJP decided to field Sadhvi Pragya Singh. Supporter of stone pelters, Mr Omar Abdullah, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir had stated that “We are hearing new things from BJP. First, they tried to fight elections using Balakot and Pulwama. Then, they tried speaking about development, after that they tried the religion card and they know that they will not get votes with Mandir-Masjid”.

He added “So, they gave the mandate to a person who is an accused in a terror case and out on bail claiming poor health. If she is in good health to contest she is healthy enough for jail as well. I hope the court which gave her the bail cancels it as, if she is fit enough to contest she is fit to being in jail”.

Has Omar Abdullah ever spoke so harshly against any terrorist till date? Sadhi Pragya had earlier revealed how she was tortured under the UPA regime. But people like Omar Abdullah and Prakash Ambedkar don’t feel like backing an innocent woman called Sadhvi Pragya. Is this their model of women empowerment?