Heights of Sycophancy? Congress loyalists are claiming that Priyanka Vadra will defeat PM Modi just because she looks exactly like her grandmother Indira Gandhi

In any political party, top positions are always given to Karyakarthas who become the leaders due to their hard work. But in Congress party, it is always reserved to the members of Gandhi dynasty, no matter how corrupt the individuals are.

In the recent days the political analysts within the Congress party started to believe that Congress might perform poorer than the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. That’s why it formed the grand alliance and started to market using its presstitutes that PM Modi led BJP will be decimated by the Mahagathbhandan.

But after they started to realize that even this narrative has failed, Congress party has appointed Priyanka Vadra Gandhi, the sister of 48 year old youth icon Rahul Gandhi, as the party’s general secretary in charge of the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh.

Soon after this appointment, the loyalists of Congress party in the media field started to claim that Priyanka “Vadra” Gandhi will decimate the PM Modi led BJP in 2019 elections just because her face, especially her nose, resembles exactly like that of Indira Gandhi. Isn’t this a bizarre argument by the blind followers of the Congress party ?

Now keep aside the Congress party fans. The NDTV has started to think out of the box to win the heart of dynasts of Gandhi parivaar. Instead of slamming the Congress party for promoting the dynasty politics, the NDTV published an article titled “India’s Most Famous Dynasty Produces Another Politician: Foreign Media On Priyanka Gandhi Vadra“. Every sentence of this article was filled with sycophancy.

The article started with stating “A daughter of India’s most famous dynasty jumped into the political arena on Wednesday, shaking up the race to lead the world’s largest democracy ahead of elections set for later in the spring”.

After Nehru, Indira Gandhi controlled the Congress, later by her sons –Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. And now after Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, even Priyanka Vadra Gandhi is dreaming of ruling India.

Now let us focus on another paragraph penned by NDTV. It states, “She is a sharp and charismatic orator, bearing a distinct resemblance to her paternal grandmother, Indira Gandhi – India’s only female prime minister, who governed the country from 1966 to 1977 and again from 1980 to 1984”.

NDTV is trying so hard to win the heart of Gandhis that it is claiming that Priyanka Gandhi looks like Indira Gandhi, the lady who imposed emergency and looted India. So Priyanka Vadra can become India’s PM just because she looks like her grandmother? Pathetic state of journalism.

But nowhere in the article the NDTV mentions how a small time trader named Robert Vadra currently owns billions of property. NDTV never questions what contributions have been made by Priyanka Vadra fir nation building. NDTV didn’t even bother to question why there are so many corruption charges on Priyanka Gandhi’s mother, father, brother, husband, grandmother and great grand father.

Last but not the least, the title of the article should have been “India’s Most Corrupt Dynasty Produces Another Potential looter” and not “India’s Most Famous Dynasty Produces Another Politician: Foreign Media On Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Hansika Raj