Helpless and Frustrated Chinese now protesting outside the Indian Consulate with their super cars over Doklam Faceoff

As Indian and Chinese Army remain locked in a two-month long standoff over a border dispute in Doklam. China has applied all the possible tactics to push India, however every effort has been thwarted by Indian response. Earlier China used to threaten India, taunt India for their 1962 defeat and used its Media machinery to spread its malicious propaganda.

However nothing has been working for China so far and it is making them nervous and helpless too. This time China has resort to a very unheard and different technique to vent out their anger against India, and this time they did it in Australia.

Some extremely helpless and frustrated Chinese decided to protest against India in their flashy supercars in front of Indian Consulate in Sydney.On 15th August, a fleet of supercars, organized by a Sydney-based Australian Chinese automobile club, started their parade, led by a red Bentley covered by Chinese flag pattern.

Chinese Nationals brought Bentleys, Lamborghinis, BMW, AUDI and Maseratiscars to join the parade across Sydney. These cars continued their parade past some places of interest including Chinatown, Martin Place, Sydney Opera House, the Art Gallery of NSW, before arriving at their ultimate destination – the Consulate General of India in Sydney.

They have decorated their cars with the Chinese flag and stickers featuring slogans including: “Borderline is our baseline;” “China: Not even a bit can be left behind;” and, “Anyone who offends China will be killed no matter how far the target is.”

These helpless Chinese then revved their car’s engines loudly outside the Consulate General of India in Sydney, to protest against India over an escalating military situation between India and China.

They did choose this day specifically as Indian Australians around the country celebrated Independence Day.

The protestorganizer, who requested to remain anonymous, told local Chinese media outlet Sydney Today that the drivers voluntarily joined the demonstration, aiming to attract public attention to the meaning of the parade, not just to show off their cars. He further added that all the drivers came here to demonstrate our determination to defense our sovereignty in a civilized way.”

“We are a group of hard working people and hope to contribute to the community. We are not those who got nothing to do but drive around. We hope people recognized our actions.”

Now this is so ridiculous, isn’t it? On one hand China boast itself as an Economic and Military Superpower, and on other hand it is doing such kind of cheap acts. It seems China has understood that it’s myth of being a Superpower has been busted by India.

Manish Sharma