Here comes the biggest insult from CPM to PM Modi! Do you know what it said to the Prime Minister?

Falling into a deeper trap, Communist Party of India (Marxist) triggers a major controversy over the Chor jibe.
Launching an all-out attack the CPM calls PM Modi a “Chor”!!

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Friday launched a scathing attack on PM Narendra Modi and his government, calling the Prime Minister a ‘CHOR’ (thief). The Left party put out a series of messages on Twitter and in one of the tweets.The Left party put out a series of messages on Twitter and in one of the tweets, it said:

Pradhan Chowkidar Or Pradhan Chor!


CPM attacks Prime Minister Narendra Modi by shamefully calling him Chor!. Promoting and tweeting about PM Modi and his administration from the past 4 years of governance, the CPM has openly insulted our honourable PM in his twitter handle CPI(M).

The party that has always been known for its violence and hooliganism in the state of Kerala, has now come up to insult the Prime Minister of India and the man who is widely loved and respected by people all over the world. Triggering a wide insult this party has promoted the slogan Pradhan Chowkidar Or Pradhan Chor!!

“CPM” the party drowned with the blood of many innocents murders in Kerala, can we term them as murders? 

The man who has sacrificed his everything and working tirelessly for the nation, ultimately gets this title of being a CHOR?? Are these words for the highest ranked PM accepted? Can we have a outrage over this insult? Will True Nationalists condemn this? Will this be forgiven by Indians?

Credits: Times Now



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