Here comes the sensational statement from the Deputy CM of Karnataka! HD Kumaraswamy won’t be the CM of the state for 5 years?

You can hate politics, you can hate politicians. But you can’t hate the political roller coaster which is taking place in Karnataka. Soon after getting a hint that BJP will not cross the magical figure in the Karnataka assembly, the Congress did some backdoor gimmicks and tried to lure the JD (S).

Soon it made the announcement that it will give an unconditional support to the JD (S), just to put a temporary break to BJP’s victory march. While accusing BJP that it’s involved in horse trading, the Congress forgot that it lured JD (S) by offering the Chief Minister seat.

Today, the floor test took place and the Kumaraswamy government secured the required majority but the BJP staged a walkout from the Karnataka Assembly.

Here comes the big statement from Karnataka’s new Deputy Chief Minister on Kumaraswamy!

Now the Deputy Chief Minister has exploded a new bomb and has revealed that everything is not fine in the coalition government of Congress and JD (S). When asked whether the Congress party had taken any decision to support H D Kumaraswamy as CM for the full five year-term, the newly elected Dy CM G Parameshwar said,

  • “The issue is yet to be discussed and finalised. Our immediate aim is to pass the floor test, allocate portfolios and provide good administration. The modalities, including sharing the CM post, are yet to be worked out”.

Yes, the above statement cannot be ignored and it needs special attention. You shouldn’t forget that earlier the Congress had lent unconditional support to Congress but now there is a difference on their earlier stands, and this is certainly not a good sign for this coalition government in Karnataka.

Even today during the floor test, the BJP leader and former Chief Minister Mr BS Yeddyurappa gave clear signs that he will rage a war against the newly elected Chief Minister Kumaraswamy. Calling him a chameleon, Yeddyurappa said “It is in Kumaraswamy’s nature to betray people. He dumped Congress’ Dharam Singh”. 

“Ideals are more important in politics. Kumaraswamy doesn’t have the mandate. Kumaraswamy is exacting revenge now. He is a vengeful person” added Yeddyurappa.

Karnataka will soon face a stage wide agitation! Do you know why?

Mr Yeddyurappa is known for his reputation of haunting the ruling parties if they fail to fulfill the promises. When the Siddaramaiah government had made a U-turn on the loan waiver, it was Mr Yeddyurappa who led a protest and forced Mr Siddaramaiah to waive off Rs 50,000 loan of the farmers. Soon after taking oath as CM this month, Mr Yeddyurappa waived off Rs 1,00,000 agricultural loan but due to the unholy alliance of Congress and JD (S), he faced an anti-climax.

During election campaigns, Kumaraswamy had said that he’ll waive off the farmer’s loans within 24 hours after he comes to power. But he made a U-turn saying that he didn’t get a majority and that’s why he can’t fulfil his promise.

But Mr B S Yeddurappa attacked Kumaraswamy and said “It was you who had promised to waive farm loans within 24 hours (after assuming office). The farmers will not be ready to buy your stories that you head a coalition government and it has its own compulsions. You have to announce it in this special session itself. Else, we will prepare an action plan to launch our agitation across the state”.

So, if the loan is not waived off within 24 hours, then Karnataka will face a statewide agitation led by BS Yeddyurappa. After giving a strong warning to the newly formed government in Karnataka, the BJP MLAs walked out of the house.

Will the Congress- JD (S) government sustain?

  • If the collation government of Congress -JD (S) completes 5 years, then it would be called as the 8th wonder of the world. Even before the floor test, there were 3 to 4 factions in the Congress party that had intensified its lobby for certain posts. Earlier it was said that G Parameshwar, a Dalit leader, would be the Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) of Karnataka.
  • But later on, there were talks that even DK Shivkumar is in the race of DyCM post as he was one of the most powerful Congress leader. Immediately, the Muslims in Congress demanded that they want a DyCM of their religion.
  • Even the former minister in Siddaramaiah’s cabinet, Mr MB Patil expressed his desire to be the DCM. He said “I aspire for the post of Dy CM, but the party high command will take the final decision. If a southern Karnataka person gets the CM’s post, it’s right for a person from northern Karnataka to become DyCM”.
  • At another end, there were demands that Shamanur Shivshankrappa must be made the DyCM. The “All India Veerashaiva Mahasabha” wrote an open letter to the Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy and requested that Shamanuru Shivashankarappa, a Veerashaiva and a Congress leader should be given the Home Minister in the newly formed government and five other leaders from the community be made ministers.

There were even reports that the Lingayats and the Veerashaiva MLAs in Congress-JD (S) were unhappy with the alliance. Now that the floor test has been successful, there is no problem to the Kumaraswamy government for the next 6 months.

Similarly, as BJP is having 104 seats, it is very tough for the ruling party to deviate from its promises. Earlier, Congress enjoyed freedom in everything as there was no bigger threats from its opposition parties as they had just 40 odd seats each. But this time the case is completely different.

Even the political experts have said that Karnataka will soon witness the collapse of those coalition government.

Source: Times Of India

Hansika Raj