Here is a complete list of how Sagarika Ghose had spread fake news, yet got away with it!

When it comes to spreading fake news like wildfire, no one can beat the journalists of the mainstream media. From digging the caste of the Indians to identifying the religion of the semen, these are expert in almost every field. But they after peculiarly specialised in spreading fake with clear intentions of tarnishing Modi government’s secular image and defaming the Indian culture.

In the pseudo secular and liberal dominated fake news industry, journalist Sagarika Ghose has built up her own brand image by constantly sharing fake news and misinformation.

Fake News 1: Muslims are hunted and killed across India?

Terrorism doesn’t have religion, similarly, criminals doesn’t belong to any religion if they commit a crime in the name of religion. After a failed attempt to give the ‘lynching’ tag to the killing of Junaid, there were several attempts to attack the Hindus. Such an attempt was made by Sagarika Ghose as she tweeted,

  • Mobs are hunting and killing Muslims across India and there is no justice for the killers! Wake up, go!

Fake News 2: A Woman was gang-raped for eating beef?

A year ago, Sagarika Ghose had tweeted with a caption “Woman ‘gang raped for eating beef'”.

Looking at the tweet, a sane person could easily come to the conclusion that it was a cooked up story. But India’s eminent journalist indeed thought that a woman was raped for consuming beef.

The only source given by her was an article published by the British media house Independent titled “Muslim women raped by Hindu gang ‘for eating beef'” with a subheading that read ‘They asked if we eat beef. We said we didn’t, but they insisted we did,’ says victim’.

But the Uttar Pradesh police confirmed that the tweet of Sagarika Ghose was purely a fake one. When a tweet with similar content was tweeted by Pallavi Ghosh, the Uttar Pradesh police responded saying “Your tweet seems fictional as we could not verify it from anywhere. Kindly let us know the details”.

Foreign media houses are hellbent to show India in a bad light. For this, they use the fake news as a medium. But it’s sad that Indian journalists also support their agenda.

Fake News 3: Did Hindus throw semen at college going girls during the Holi celebration?

Science has advanced to a great extent in the recent decades, but not to the extent of identifying the religion of the semen with a mere look at it. But Sagarika Ghose concluded that a balloon which was hurled at a young girl contained semen of Hindus. She tweeted,

  • This is shameful and disgusting. Are semen-filled balloons now an expression of “Hindu pride” during Holi?

But a month later the tweet was proved to be another fake news. Forensic Science Laboratory report stated that no semen could be detected on the exhibit which was submitted in connection with the case of semen-filled balloons being thrown at 2 students of LSR College on the eve of Holi in February.

Not just fake news, Sagarika Ghose has specialized in spreading hatred between communities!

#1: Art of insulting the Indian Army

Until our death, we need to express our gratitude to the soldiers who guard us at the borders. But Sagarika Ghose has even included the Indian Armed Forces in her hit list, along with the Modi government and Hindus.

After the PDP-BJP government came to an end, the Armed forces started to show no mercy at the terrorists. But when the Jammu and Kashmir DGP SP Vaid said “We will go all-out and intensify the operations against the terrorists now”, Sagarika Ghose lost her mind.

She immediately bashed the saying “Army prepares for “muscularity”, and even greater violence in J&K”.

She really said that Indian Army is violent in Jammu and Kashmir? Perhaps this tweet had angered even her followers who hated the Modi government but not the Indian Army.

#2: This is what she does when a woman takes a brave decision against suppression by a Islamic nation

Recently Indian chess star Soumya Swaminathan refused to participate in Iranian chess tournament when she was asked to wear Hijab. Even though her brave decision was widely praised, she didn’t get support from the pseudo liberals and the seculars of India.

Sagarika Ghose expressed her hypocrisy by stating,

  • Good for chess star Soumya Swaminathan to assert her individual rights on wearing headscarf. Hope she’ll similarly assert her individual rights when told what to wear, eat, read, write, post on social media, or told to prove her “nationalism” by Indian government.

#3: Art of insulting Indians

In a hurry to defend Nehru, Sagarika Ghose even abused the Indians.

Hansika Raj