Here is one of the “Unheard Chapter” of PM Narendra Modi’s life..

Few of the legends we know and admire, have several chapters of their life hidden from the outer world. These chapters of their life may be life savior’s or life changers to get drastic change in one’s life. Going through those unheard and unread chapters, is the most interesting task.

Imagine you’re given an option to pick and you get an opportunity to read through the pages of one personality that you admire the most. Who would that be? Too many choices for some and that One Name in the minds of few!

One such personality who is stealing hearts of many at present is none other than our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While many say he is an Open Book, others claim a few episodes of his life to be hidden or unexpressed. His Success story is a talk of every tongue. But his struggles and efforts have remained untold.

I don’t know how many of you know about the Swami who persuaded Narendra Modi against taking Sannyasa. He could have never been India’s Prime Minister had he not paid heed to the advise this Swami gave him!

An unheard Episode.. 

PM Narendra Modi was made to marry as a juvenile to a girl who lived close by his home. But when he passed high school, he came of age and rejected the marriage he was thrown into against his wishes. This resulted into tensions brewing in his family where rejection of marriage was unheard of yet. But his young blood refused to accept the fate his elders had deemed fit for him.

Yes, this is Of course a known story. But what’s unheard is what happened in the Prime Minister’s life after this..

His close group of friends state that he was highly contemplative even as a teenager. It was then that he decided to take “Sannyasa” and live the rest of his life as a hermit. He quit his college midway and left for Belur Math in Kolkata.

There, he met the president of Ramkrishna Mission, Swami Madhavananda Maharaj, and requested that he be taken into the Math as a hermit. Swami Madhavananda persuaded the young boy to finish his studies first. It was only then that he would be better equipped mentally to take this leap of faith.

Narendra Modi then met the chief of Ramkrishna Mission at Rajkot – Swami Atmasthananda whom he requested to allow him to be a hermit in the Math. Swami Atmasthananda had spotted something unusual in the young boy. He foretold the future to him – he was meant to do something spectacular in the worldly life. He wasn’t meant to lead his life as a hermit. But there was one another advise that he gave Modi, and that was that he should keep a beard, something that PM Modi still has to this day.

Rejected twice, Narendra Modi came back to his mother in Vadnagar. But his stay didn’t last long. This materialistic world seemed too harsh for him to handle. He immediately left for the Himalayas. He spent two years there wandering and meeting Yogis and Sadhus of different kinds. Having seen the life of a Sadhu closely, he was now wiser and he finally decided to step back into the worldly life. He worked with his Uncle in his canteen at Ahmedabad selling tea at the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation.

Shortly before the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, he was involved in a non-violent protest against the Indian government in New Delhi for which he was arrested. Thus started his political career and he became a full time RSS pracharak.

It took him several more years to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Delhi University, something he could have obtained decades ago when he quit his college studies to live a life of a Saint.

45 years later, the world came full circles for PM Modi as he visited Belur Math again. He was going to run for Prime Minister’s office and he wished to seek blessings of the great Saint Swami Vivekananda. An exception was made for him and the doors to the room of Swami Vivekananda were opened for him. He spent 15 minutes sitting near Swami’s slippers meditating right there.

Being an obedient disciple, PM decided to meet the Swami who had rejected him several years ago and here’s what he said, “Aapne mujhe bhaga diya tha us samay isiliye main aaj mukhyamantri hu (You had told me to go away that time and that is why I am the Chief minister now).”

Credits: Parimal Paritosh

Source: Quora.com