Here is the shocking link between Rahul Gandhi and the man who looted billions of rupees from Indian banks


Before knowing who is this Nirav Modi and how he cheated the banks, all that we are hearing is “another scam of PM Modi exposed” from the self-proclaimed noble party. This false allegation was spearheaded by none other the Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Have a look at his tweet!

Guide to Looting India
by Nirav MODI

1. Hug PM Modi
2. Be seen with him in DAVOS

Use that clout to:

A. Steal 12,000Cr
B. Slip out of the country like Mallya, while the Govt looks the other way.

So, as per Mr Rahul Gandhi, the Modi government was responsible for this 11,400 crore NPA scam. To support his allegations, the only evidence that he presented is that Nirav Modi had hugged PM Modi and was seen together in Davos, Switzerland early this year. The logic given by Rahul Gandhi is laugh worthy because how can PM Modi be held responsible for the NPA scam just because he was seen with Nirav Modi in a meet? Grow up Mr Rahul Gandhi.

Here’s the evidence that says the scam began in the year 2011 when Congress was in power!

Let us forget Rahul Gandhi’s bizarre logic and go by the facts. With just a normal investigation, the evidences clearly hints at Rahul Gandhi’s then government. Yes, the mammoth amount of loan given to Nirav Modi began in the year 2011.

Punjab National Bank said that Nirav Modi, his wife and brother, and “other unknown persons” had worked with some named PNB officials at a Mumbai branch to obtain letters of understanding from PNB in 2010 without following due procedure, reported Livemint.

The revelation made by the CEO of Punjab National Bank nails Rahul Gandhi!

“This fraud, which began in 2011, was detected first by our bank. We then informed the law enforcement agencies about this fraud,” Sunil Mehta, MD and CEO, PNB, said. “We were the first ones to detect and report this to law enforcement agencies,” Mehta added.

By now, it is clear that the scam took place under the Congress tenure which must be another feather in the crown of Rahul Gandhi. What was Rahul Gandhi’s Congress doing from 2011 to 2014? This indicates that Congress is responsible for this scam to take place.

“Whatever is coming out is the result of the previous UPA govt, action will be certainly taken on it”, slammed Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

“We were not in govt in 2011, if Congress is making allegations, were they sleeping from 2011-14? They should’ve probed it. This govt is taking cognizance of matters & probing them. Congress’ was a govt of scams & they established these scamsters”. By saying this, MoS Finance SP Shukla exposed the Congress which is trying to encash on the scam.

Robert Vadra’s cousin exposes Rahul Gandhi’s links with Nirav Modi!

Earlier, the cyber warriors of Congress said that Nirav Modi and PM Modi are linked just because they were seen in a single frame of a photograph. But now, Robert Vadra’s cousin has revealed that Rahul Gandhi had close, infact very close, movements with Nirav Modi. Below is his tweet!

  • Punjab National Bank Scam began with fraudulent LoUs & transactions which began in 2011 – Just FYI: Rahul Gandhi was spotted at Nirav Modi events – did not know he had interest in bridal jewellery – 2013 Imperial Hotel event in Delhi.. SCAM began in 2011- should find out Nirav’s political links.

Shehzad Ponnawalla also slammed the Congress for nurturing scamsters like Vijay Mallya!

“Few days ago we were told that the SCAMS in our Banking System were perhaps the biggest ones! Today we have Nirav Modi who looted the banks from 2011 onwards just like Vijay Mallya was allowed to do so! Should we not find out which “hand” supported, aided & abetted Punjab National Bank Scam?

Hansika Raj