Here’s a stunning new twist in tale!!! Here’s the blunder created by Congress before the declaration of Karnataka results, thinking that it would emerge as the single largest party

A sensational report caught exposes Congress double game now. The Dynasty party had already submitted a plea to the Supreme Court, in case a goa like the situation could come on their way. Of course, India’s oldest party could not afford any risk and landed in a blunder.

They had preempted that they would emerge as the single largest party and drafted the plea, they, however, changed the draft when they realized that they stood 2nd in the Karnataka Polls announced. After which, they urgently re-drafted the plea to challenge the Governor.

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Before Karnataka poll results announced, @incindia drafted SC plea for largest party to be invited first

…….bcoz they thought @BJP4Karnataka will be second

Thus it proves that Congress members are double standard people. If the Supreme Court judge announces in favor of the Congress then they hail the judiciary, then if it does not prove to be in their favor, then the judiciary is sold to PM Modi? Is that so?

What can we say? At times we remain dumb at the activities of Congress. This is what is happening from the past 70 years and we all are used to it. What has Rahul Gandhi got to justify now? Still, blame PM Modi?

What did you think, BJP would not gain the maximum amount of votes? And you would emerge as the single largest party? What a misery? Your imagination levels are too high, which would never come true. BJP emerging with the highest votes has resulted in the frustration of Congress to burst out.

Source: Times of India