Here’s CM Siddaramaih’s close aid gearing up to set fire on the BBMP office. A fresh case arises in the name of Congress Hooligans!

He was live on call on a TV news channel, and says that he did nothing wrong, has no need to explain his actions. This is what the Goons of Congress are left with now!

Narayanswamy is said to be a close aide of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah.

We have just witnessed a Congress blunder yesterday by a Congress MLA’s son. And today there raises up a fresh issue by the Congress hooligans again! Narayanswamy, Congress block president of KR Puram constituency, threatened to set Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) office on fire!

A video of him throwing petrol in the office and threatening the officials to set the office ablaze has gone viral after 4 days the incident took place. This incident is reported to happen on 16th of February which is on last Saturday. The video has seen light today.

The incident so happened that the Congress leader had asked the concerned BBMP revenue officer, Chengal Rayappa, to prepare fake records in the name of the plot which he owned. But the officer refused to do so and further clarified that the concerned plot was under a case in the court, preparing records during the case tenure would be illegal. Not all government officials have a thirst for bribe, some do follow ethics and work according to law and order.

Meanwhile, Narayanswamy was of course a congress blood and he was expected to do what he has done. Using his power under the political reference of CM Siddaramaiah, Narayanswamy went ahead and transferred officer Chengal Rayappa from Horamavu to Mahadevapura.

Narayanswamy, Congress block president of KR Puram constituency, he is known to be the close aid of congress MLA Basavaraj and Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. He went ahead and dared to threaten the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) office on fire.

So does this mean these Congressmen will not let sincere people work their way? Does Congress want to turn the government officials corrupt same as them? What do these Congressmen feel, can power and money break the law? Can power and money break a sincere officer’s ethics? Congress is less of a political party and more of a hooligan’s party now!

Not just the opposition party, but common men and government officials are targeted now by the Congress hooligans. It seemed to be just BJP and Congress war before, but now I feel the common men and government officers need to be aware of Congress party. You never know when they can attack you when you’re in a restaurant or in a government office!

A video of him throwing petrol in the office and threatening the officials to set the office ablaze has gone viral.

In a rage of anger, the KR Puram block Congress president, Narayanswamy, walked into the Horamavu BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) office and was seen threatening the staff of burning down the office in flames. This step was taken by him after he allegedly did not receive help in getting a Khatta for his property. Watch how this act of anger unfolded.


Source: Republic World