Here’s how Congress social media head Ramya abused PM Modi in a hurry to defend Rahul Gandhi’s pathetic performance in the parliament! But it backfired as always

Wherever and whenever there was an opportunity, Rahul Gandhi ensured that he totally ruined it. Rahul Gandhi’s online blunders are seen every day on twitter, but his public blunder came after a gap of 2-3 months; the last was during the Karnataka election rallies.

Initially, Rahul Gandhi insulted himself and his followers with his immaturity and foolish talks and gestures in the parliament. Now, the social media head Ramya a.k.a Divya Spandana of the Congress party in an attempt to reinstate the lost image of Rahul Gandhi, lashed out at PM Modi with a series of abusive and derogatory tweets.

In the month of February, she had abused PM Modi saying “Is this what happens when you’re on POT (Cannabis)”. Again she had come up with similar comments after PM Modi completely decimated the man who wants to rule India.

The entire nation knows who is the best in comedian, liar and an actor. But Ramya felt it apt to call PM Modi a comedian, actor and a lair just to please her boss and supporters.

Here is the list of statements made by Ramya against PM Modi, as soon as the latter started his speech:

Statement 1: Our Prime Minister is got to be the best comedian ever!

  • Rahul Gandhi might get disappointed with these statement for sure. At present, he is the best in business.

Statement  2: His speech is reeking of arrogance and he certainly suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  • PM Modi used the word “me” only to rescue the Army from Rahul Gandhi’s abuses. PM said, “Abuse Me, Not Our Forces”. this proves that he is not a narcissist.

Statement 3: Even the cameras in Lok Sabha are biased!

  • Let’s be thankful that she did not say the videos were tampered.

Statement  4: The lie detector can’t keep up with Narendra Modi.

  • PM Modi had exposed Rahul Gandhi’s lies. He had lied on Rafale deal, job creation. Even the France government had to intervene to stop the lies of Rahul Gandhi yesterday.

Statement  5: The headmistress is clearly partial to her pet student! Not a squeak.

Not Ramya makes an attack on the speak of the Lok Sabha. How cheap is this?

Statement  6: The Prime Minister is on what?! Will Harsimrat Kaur Badal please tell us because she seems to know what works and how!

  • Here comes the abusive language of Ramya.

Statement 7: Theatrics, dramatics, poor script but a splendid actor Narendra Modi.

  • It was indeed theatrics, dramatics and poor script, but of Rahul Gandhi.

Statement 8: What a dud of a speech!

Yes, Rahul Gandhi’s was indeed a defective in the parliament.

Statement 9: While Rahul Gandhi displayed maturity and courage today, Narendra Modi showed insecurity and juvenility.

Mocking the surgical strike as Jumla Strike is called maturity? Roaming around in the parliament and mocking it the dignity of the house is maturity?

She even shared Rahul Gandhi’s statement “The point of yesterday’s debate in Parliament. PM uses Hate, Fear and Anger in the hearts of some of our people to build his narrative. We are going to prove that Love and Compassion in the hearts of all Indians, is the only way to build a nation”.

By this one is sure that there is no competition of for PM Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Hansika Raj