Here’s how Hindus in Kerala succeeded in inflicting a loss of over Rs 110 million to the Sabarimala temple’s income

There are very rare incidents where the Hindus in India stood unitedly when their religion was in trouble. But the unity of Hindus after the Sabarimala judgement displayed like never before and they showed the world how the unity of Hindus can not just save themselves from their suppression but also send fear in the minds of the anti-Hindus.

In what is called as a big blow to the communist government that wants to send women from the restricted age group to the shrine, the Hindu devotees have inflicted a damage of Rs 11.71 crore to the Sabarimala temple’s income. Wonder how?

Sabarimala Devotees economic boycott income Rs 11.71 crore government control

After the Kerala government was hell bent to send the women activists, who were from other faiths, into the shrine of Sabarimala temple, the Hindus took an oath of not donating even a penny to the temple.

Instead of money, the Hundis (box kept for collecting contributions from devotees) were filled with chits that read “Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa”. This succeeded in inflicting a big blow to the coffers of the Sabarimala temple’s income.

A report by My Nation said “Usually, the temple witnesses a 10 % increase in its income every year. Last year, the revenue collected over the first five days of the season was Rs 19,09,42,134 and this year it has been Rs 7,37,90,222”.

Let us focus on the above figure. From Rs 19,09,42,134 the income has dropped down to Rs 7,37,90,222. So there has been a collapse of nearly 60 percent in the income of the temple. The report added “Last year during this time, the income from the sale of Aravana was Rs 5.09 crore, but this time it is Rs 1.76 crore, resulting in a loss of Rs 3.33 crore. An average increase of 10% in the profit has been the normal trend, but this year this extreme decline in profit is attributed to restrictions imposed in Sabarimala”.

Stunned by this huge loss, the Devaswom Board minister Kadakampally Surendran “Sangh Parivar is making conscious efforts to hamper the income of Sabarimala temple. This will affect the board substantially and it will even affect the payment of the salaries to the board employees”. It was completely a foolish comment becase it was not the Sangh Parivar but the angry Hindu devottes have made up their mind not to give even a penny until the Sabarimala is restored to its olden days.

Lately but very aptly the Hindus have realized that without getting united, there no way to get what they and their religion wants in this world.

Source: My Nation

Hansika Raj