Here’s how Home Minister Amit Shah framing policies to destroy Mamata Banerjee’s vote bank

The days of the tragic rule of Mamata Banerjee led TMC government in the state of West Bengal is soon going to over. With the entry of Home Minister Amit Shah in the citadel of Mamata Banerjee, it has already started trembling and is soon going to fall

This is the first visit of Home Minster Amit Shah after assuming his office. During his visit, the home minister Amit Shah has inaugurated Durga Puja festivities at Salt Lake Area and also addressed a huge gathering on the issue of National Register of Citizens (NRC)

Home Minster Amit Shah knows very well how to strike the cord. He has hit where it exactly needs to be done. He has urged the voters to give a chance to BJP and gave the party an opportunity to convert Bengal into Sonar Bangla. He said once you people will show your trust in us, none will have guts to put restrictions on Ram Navami and Vasant Panchami.

On the issue of NRC, he assured people not to worry, as they are being misled by the opposition parties by creating hypes such as names of people missing in the list

He said, “I today want to assure Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and Christian refugees, you will not be forced to leave India by the Centre. Don’t believe rumors. Before NRC, we will bring Citizenship Amendment Bill, which will ensure these people get Indian Citizenship

PM Modi led BJP Government has also planned to inaugurate about 500 Durga Puja pandals across the state during the period of Durga Puja that is celebrated with great pomp and show in West Bengal. This year, it will kick-start on October 4, the day of Mahashasthmi and will last for five days

And what could be a better start for BJP to enter into the land of West Bengal other than Durga Puja? It is the best time for BJP to reach the heart of people of West Bengal that has been broken by the tyrannical rule of Mamata Banerjee led TMC government. With the blessings of Goddess, Durga BJP is soon going to make insights in the region and uproot the tyrannical TMC Government from the state

And recent Lok Sabha elections has already shown us that people are now inching towards BJP with the hope for ‘Sonar Bangla’. They had already taught TMC a lesson by reducing party from 42 seats to a mere 22 seats. The upcoming election will be the last nail in the coffin of TMC



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