Here’s how India and Myanmar armed forces are taking their relations to a new level

Breaking all the stereotypes in the past, India and Myanmar Armed Forces have moved a step forward to build new rules to strengthen relations among the two nations. This exchange of cordial relations was a must to boost the centuries old ties between the two nations and rejoice the friendship nurtured for years together.

Supporting this initiative from both the nations, 60 couples each from the Indian Army and the Myanmar Army visited the neighbouring countries recently. Defence spokesman, Col. Chiranjeet Konwar, said that 60 couples from the Indian Army visited Myanmar, while 60 couples from the Myanmar Army visited Bodhgaya from December 23-25. What they wished is to nurture the ties that has been only growing since ages among the armed forces of both nations.

“The team from the Indian Army team comprised officers, junior commissioned officers (JCOs) and other ranks who are all part of the Eastern Command that mans the Indo-Myanmar border.”

For those of us who aren’t aware of this, The India-Myanmar border has the Free Movement Regime (FMR) which allows the tribes living along the border to travel 16 km across the boundary without visa restrictions. Thus making travel much easier for both the nations and gel well with each other. This attempt has been encouraged only with an intention to grow this relation in future as well. Which will in turn help the Armed Forces of both the countries function well.

“India and Myanmar share a long history of cordial relationship based on friendship and trust. As a natural corollary to the long standing friendship, both the armed forces – the Indian Army and the Myanmar Army – also share a close relationship in terms of joint training and operations,” said the defence spokesman.

“Such visits between the armed forces personnel and their families add a new dimension to the already robust mechanism of defence cooperation and pave the way for a long lasting and fruitful partnership between the two countries,” he added.

India has been only growing with each day, in terms of self-development and building relations with the countries world wide. These ties are just not labelled ones to be portrayed to the world but are a strong foundation for the future times to come. Undoubtedly, the present NDA Government has played a major role in this act since the past 4 years of governance. Trade, Economy, Warfare and what not, mentioning them would include a long list. Apart all, Indian Armed force will now witness success to great heights with improvisation each day.

Source: Timesnow news