Here’s How Leopards Helped The Indian Army In The Surgical Strikes In Pakistan

In a much rare secret to be heard of the Indian Army has been revealed out regarding the Surgical strike conducted on Pakistan. It has been two months after the Central government made the surgical strike footage public, a top Army officer, revealed that the Indian Army troops used leopard Urine and faeces to throw off dogs while carrying out surgical strikes, 15km inside Pakistan territory in 2016.

Former Nagrota Corps commander Lt General RR Nimbhorkar said the Indian Army soldiers, while crossing the border, carried leopard urine with them to keep the dogs at bay. Lt General Nimbhorkar was among the ones hugely involved with planning and executing the mission.

636 days after the Indian Army carried out surgical strike on Pakistan on September 29, 2016, Republic TV accessed the video of the same. Republic TV had accessed the time and date-stamped footage of four targets, which had been captured through UAV and head-mounted cameras.

The visuals of the surgical strike, which were authenticated by Lt Gen DS Hooda who led the operation, contained footage of the Indian Army smoking out terrorists and destroying terror launchpads. However, even after the surgical strike footage was made public, Pakistan continued to be in denial, rubbishing the video and calling surgical strike “a figment of India’s imagination.”

Nimborkar said the Army had maintained highest secrecy. “Then defence minister Manohar Parrikar had told us to execute the operation in a week. I had discussed this with our troops a week in advance but didn’t reveal the exact location. They came to know about it a day prior to the attack,” he said.

To execute the operation, Lt Gen Nimborkar said, we had chosen early morning. “We had identified the terrorists’ launch pads. We had studied their timings and got to know that 3.30am was perfect to attack. Before that, our troops had to reach a safe location. They had successfully crossed difficult terrains and mine fields. They destroyed three pads and killed 29 terrorists,” he said.

Indian Army carried out surgical strike on Pakistan on September 29, 2016 and at least 38 terrorists were eliminated in the surgical strike. The precision attacks were carried out by the Indian Army after 19 soldiers were martyred in Pakistan-sponsored attack.

Source: Republic World