Here’s how many seats the BJP lost due to over half a Million NOTA voters in Madhya Pradesh! Or else BJP would have easily crossed the majority mark

Madhya Pradesh assembly election counting was really unique and that’s because it took over a day for the final results to be out after the marathon counting process. As per the final results, the Congress party succeeded in winning 114 seats and the BJP managed to grab 109 seats.

The majority mark is 116 seats and the Congress party will easily reach the magic numbers as Mayawati’s BSP and Akhilesh Yadav’s SP have extended their support.

But can you believe that BJP would have won over 130 seats? You’ll also be disheartened to know that the people who defeated the BJP are none other than their own people. Those are the NOTA warriors.

Note than in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP had garnered the highest numbers of votes. Yes, Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s party had won 1,56,42,980 votes which is 41.0% of the votes casted. Whereas the Congress was behind BJP by winning 1,55,95,153 votes (40.9%). But the NOTA had garnered 5,42,295 votes (1.4 %)

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chauhan would have crossed 130 seats. Yes, the BJP had to be satisfied to the second spot in 13 constituencies and shockingly the votes that went to the “None Of The Others” (NOTA) was larger than BJP’s defeat margin in those constituencies.

Below is the list of 13 constituencies where the defeat margin of BJP was lesser than the NOTA votes:

  • Biaora, Burhanpur, Damoh, Gunnour, Gwalior South, Jabalpur North, Jobat, Madhata, Nepanagar, Petlawad, Rajnagar, Rajpur, Suwasra.
  1. Constituency name: BIAORA

Here the NOTA votes were 1481 but BJP lost for a margin of about 900 votes.

2. Constituency name: BURHANPUR

Shockingly, 5726 people pressed the NOTA button and this more than BJP’s defeat margin.

3. Constituency name: DAMOH

Here the NOTA was 1299 but BJP lost due to 798 votes.

4. Constituency name: Gunnour

Even this was a close battle between BJP and Congress but the NOTA defeated the saffron party.

5. Constituency name: Gwalior South

While the BJP lost by a margin of just over 100 votes, the votes garnered by NOTA was 1550.

6. Constituency name: Jabalpur North

While the NOTA button was pressed 1209 times, the BJP lost from about 600 votes.

7. Constituency name: JOBAT

A huge amount of 5139 votes were garnered by NOTA by the BJP lost by 2000 votes.

8. Constituency name: MANDHATA

The margin of BJP’s defeat was lesser than the NOTA votes.

9. Constituency name: NEPANAGAR

While the NOTA gained 2551 votes, the saffron was defeated with by about 1300 votes.

10. Constituency name: PETLAWAD

Even here the NOTA had gained more votes that BJP’s defeat margin.

11. Constituency name: RAJNAGAR

This was a very close battle between BJP and the Congress as BJP lost due to just over 500 votes whereas the NOTA gained 2485 votes.

12. Constituency name: RAJPUR

The BJP lost in Rajpur from 1000 votes but the NOTA won 3358 votes.

13. Constituency name: SUWASRA

Congress party’s victory margin was just 400 votes whereas the NOTA had amassed 2976 votes.

It is a widely accepted fact by all the political experts that the BJP will be at the losing end if the voting percentage decreases in a particular election or even if the NOTA votes increase. This has been proved right in the case of Madhya Pradesh where the BJP has lost 13 seats due to high votes to NOTA.

Not just 13 seats but there were about 8 seats where the party lost to a very narrow margin or else the saffron party would have won the Madhya Pradesh for the 4th successive term.

Hanskia Raj