Here’s how the Masterplan of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari will put an end to the water conflict between Karnataka-Tamil Nadu!

It’s been a long time now since people are been updated about the much serious dispute going on among the two major states of India. Well, there are many such cases at present but right now we talk about the “Quest for Thirst” among Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The one thought that hits each of us after hearing this dispute is when will this end? The respective Governments of each of the states have tried their bit to seek out the issues which have created massive outrage in all possible manners over the years. Well, here’s the Central Government ending up these repeated disputes and has come forward seeking a permanent solution for both the states struggling for water.

While the Government of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu continue to feud over the Cauvery river water over a decade now, the Centre plans to build a mega reservoir at Polavaram in the Godavari river basin to store its excess water that presently runs into the sea and allocate both states 450 tmcft from it.

Union Minister for Surface Transport and Water Resources, Nitin Gadkari revealed that when the reservoir was completed it would divert the backwaters to the river Krishna and from there to the rivers Pennar and Cauvery, benefiting both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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If this Reservoir ends up being a permanent solution to the never ending water dispute among the two states, it will be one of the major victories bagged by the Central Government under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. Thus ending up favoring the PM Modi Government and its concern towards the people of the country in true sense. There exists no second thought that this will be a victory of the decade for sure.

“The Polavaram reservoir, which is being set up at a cost of Rs 80,000 crore, will help water reach the tail- end region in Tamil Nadu,” he said, adding that presently about 11,000 tmcft of water was going waste from the Godavari river basin as it ran into the sea in the absence of a reservoir to store it.

The Union Minister claimed that the Polavaram reservoir would also provide the solution to the water dispute between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. “It will give me immense pleasure if I am able resolve the water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu during my term as Minister for Water Resources,” he declared.

Source: Kannada waves.com

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